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13 Things to do on the week of your baby birth

1- Make the maternity bag how many times you want;

2- Have a beauty day with all treatments you deserve;

3- Have dinner only you and your husband;

4- Take long showers;

5- Meet all your girls friends to talk and laugh;

6- Enjoy to sleep as much you can;

7- Talk with baby in your belly about the new phase that is going to start;

8- Read all books you bought about maternity, you won’t have time after baby birth;

9- Buy freeze food because it is quick to make and you can do it by yourself;

10- Organize your clothes and separate the ones you can easily breastfeed your baby when you go out;

11- Try to pay attention on other things besides pains on the final week;

12- Put hand sanitizer in every room of your house;

13- Install the baby car seat.


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