3 Changing Tray Organizing Tips for New Parents

3 Changing Tray Organizing Tips for New Parents

Working parents expecting their first child will soon need to perform diaper changes around the house. Whether you’re in a meeting or taking a lunch break, keeping yourself prepared for sudden diaper changes is essential, and it keeps your mind at ease. Learn how convenient a changing tray can be in your baby’s nursery along with three organizing tips for new parents.

Use Boxes and Bins for Organizing Essentials

A stay-at-home parent might also be a remote worker, so they’re likely to be working at different ends of the house every day. If you happen to be working in your bedroom one day and in the kitchen the next day, you should have a box or bin of organized essentials ready to go.

Keeping everything inside of a box around different parts of the house saves you time. You can swiftly grab the changing tray without needing to run back up and down the stairs because you forgot something.

Utilize the Top Drawer of a Dresser for Additional Storage

The dresser’s top drawer will be the best place for additional storage. Using dividers, designate a space for diapers, an outfit of the day, essential ointments, and other cleaning products for the baby. A divider system keeps everything straightened up, so you can monitor when things run low in your drawer.

Store the Changing Tray in a Place That’s Easy To Find

The last tip is to find a place to store your changing tray. Again, since you might be in different parts of the house every day, keeping the tray nearby helps you avoid rummaging around looking for it. The tray is small enough to slide on top of a shelf, lean against a wall, or place on a flat surface when not in use.

Now, you can spend less time running up and down the stairs to use the changing table during work meetings or on your days off.

Changing the baby while busy around the house can be hard, but remembering these tips for organizing a changing tray will help make every diaper change easier to manage. Simply Nursery makes it even better with a portable wood changing pad tray that’s easy to carry and clean. All our products are made from the renewable forests of Brazil, making them sustainable products that last a long time. Let’s create a sustainable nursery with natural wood furniture that lasts.

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