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5 Renter-Friendly Nursery Decorating Ideas

5 Renter-Friendly Nursery Decorating Ideas

Renting a place is an exciting venture for many couples as it prepares them for independence after moving out of their parent’s house. If you currently have a baby on the way, finding the room to fit them and the rest of your life under one roof could feel difficult.

However, it is possible if you talk to your property owner to find out the constraints of making changes to the property—adding things to a nursery, for example. Continue reading below for a certified list of five renter-friendly nursery decorating ideas.

Use Adhesive Wallpaper and Decals

Every part of the nursery design process is exciting, but the one area you will have trouble with is the walls. You may need permission to paint them, and you don’t want to have to revert them to their original color to avoid losing part of your security deposit.

Instead, use adhesive-backed wallpaper and decals. You can discuss what you can and can’t use on the walls with your property manager. Some are okay with their tenants using command hooks, and others don’t mind them using adhesives as long as they don’t rip drywall off.

Incorporate Standing Clothing Racks

Some rooms may not have closets, or they are so small it’s hard to fit everything inside. Instead of asking for renovations or looking for a bigger place, you could use standing racks. Most racks are mobile; they come with wheels to transport clothes from room to room. Measure the space to know what size rack will fit.

Create DIY Picture Frames With Washi Tape

Do you have many pictures to display but no way to hang them? Utilize other methods, like washi tape. This tape is a temporary decorative adhesive that perfectly sticks anything to just about anywhere and peels off easily. However, it loses its stickiness once you remove it. You can re-attach it using double-sided tape.

Bring Color into the Bedroom in Unique Ways

You don’t need to paint a wall to make a bedroom colorful—use furniture instead. If your walls are beige, use rust, pink, or yellow to make the room stand out. Consider using a rust-colored chair cover for the reading nook and a pink sheet for the crib.

Buy Convertible Furniture

Furniture can cost a lot of money, especially replacing the bed after your child grows out of their crib. One of the most rental-friendly nursery design ideas is buying convertible furniture. Convertible furniture is multi-use and grows with your child.

Companies design the beds to fit each stage of your infant’s life—from newborn to toddler. Don’t risk losing space in your rental property; get furniture that shifts into different sizes. Find what you need in a baby furniture set that fits your rental from Simply Nursery.

We handmake our furniture from rehabilitated Brazilian forests, and our incredible team of crafters assembles them. Let us help you check off the first item on your nursery shopping list: getting the best modern baby furniture set that fits perfectly.


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