5 Ways To Keep Your Baby’s Nursery Clean

5 Ways To Keep Your Baby’s Nursery Clean

The nursery is a space for your baby to sleep, but it should also keep the baby safe and healthy. A cluttered nursery isn’t the safest place for a baby, nor is a nursery with dirty toys scattered across the floor. If you need the best strategies to keep your baby’s nursery clean, here are some ideas.

Keep the Room Organized

No matter how much stuff you have for the nursery, it helps to keep it organized and clutter-free. Clutter makes rooms feel small, and it can overwhelm everyone in the household, affecting your parenting style. It stresses you out, and you end up focusing too much on how to sort through everything.

How To Fix a Cluttered Room

Before the baby comes, your room should have the basics: a crib, changing tray, dresser, closet organizers, and toy chest. To make it easier to keep the room clean, stick to those basics.

If you want the most clutter-free space, limit how much furniture you place in at once. Try out a baby nursery furniture set; it comes with the essentials, and it grows with your child. The bed converts to a toddler bed, and the dresser doesn’t go out of style.

Pay Attention to the Cleaning Supplies You Use

While keeping the floors, walls, and toys clean is important, be mindful of your cleaning supplies. The cleaning supplies you use should be nontoxic. The best way to tell if something’s nontoxic is by reading the ingredients list. There should be no trace of ammonia, chlorine, or bleach.

Make Laundry a Weekly Task

Laundry is tedious—you have yourself, the baby, and your partner to wash clothes for, so do it at least once a week. That will keep the laundry from piling up. Dedicate any day you’d like and use separate baskets for each person’s laundry so it’s quicker to get through. The more often you wash clothes, the more germs you kill.

Always Clean Common Touch Zones

You should clean common touch zones like toilets, doorknobs, and crib rails daily. Doorknobs and crib rails harbor germs. In particular, you should sanitize the crib rails whenever your baby places their mouth on them. Doing this will help fight germs.

Clean All Baby Toys and Items Daily

Ensure all your baby’s toys are clean before you or your baby touches them. Pick up and clean anything the baby touches, places in their mouth, or leaves on the ground. Take each toy and wipe it down. If you have toys from a thrift store, place them in a hot bath with dish soap for plastic toys, and laundry detergent for stuffed animals.

These five ways to keep your baby’s nursery clean will help you develop a good mindset early on so you’re not left struggling and stressing over every task. And even so, the best way to build an organized, sustainable nursery is with baby furniture that grows with your infant. Shop with us at Simply Nursery to find the nursery items that’ll create a better environment for you and your baby.

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