A baby room directly from forest

Do you want to decorate your baby room direct from the forest? It is a great idea that the furniture of a baby room is made of the solid wood. Furniture made with solid wood is designed in a different way and it contains unique and sleek style.

For the early childhood years and beyond, a crib ,for example, provides a safe and comfortable place to sleep. By the way, comfort is the vital element in nursery furniture and quality and safety are really important factors in the choice of the baby furniture. It’s important that products as crib, chest, dresser and changing tray encounter all the ASTM International and U.S. CPSC Safety Standards. It means that products are safe for a baby.

Why do you need furniture of solid wood?

Furniture 100% made with solid wood provide safety, quality and elegance to room. They are strong, solid and built to last. If you take care of this furniture, it can lasts 100 years, so it can pass through from generation to generation.

For sure the durability is one of the strongest point of this material, but another point is relevant: beauty. You can find many furniture made with a material that imitates wood, but when you compare it with the natural wood, you can see the real beauty: solid wood.

Even when you compare two solid wood furniture, you will see that they never look the same, this occur because wood lines, color and knots change for one piece to another. So, it makes each product special and exclusive.
A natural element, as wood, is cozy and it gives to you a sophisticated and charming room. It also gives to you feelings of relaxing, helping to rest eyes and brain when you arrive at home.

Another important fact is that a product made with solid wood brings to a room a special connection with the nature, principally a product that shows wood lines.
A special collection

If now you are asking: where can I find a nursery furniture made with solid wood? Our tip is the Retro Collection by Simply Nursery. This brand has special nursery furniture 100% made with the most renewable solid wood. The Retro Collection has scandinavian and modern design with straight lines, simple shapes and neutral colors. This furniture can raise elegance and beauty of the room, see photos of beautiful nurseries on Facebook and Instagram.
For more information about this lovely collection here

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