Does Your Baby's Nursery Have To Have a Theme?

Does Your Baby's Nursery Have To Have a Theme?

Designing a nursery requires many elements. From organizing clothes, toys, and essentials to buying ready-made baby furniture, you'll find yourself planning everything before the baby comes. As you start decorating and planning, the idea of a nursery theme might spring to mind. But does your baby's nursery have to have a theme? The short answer is no, though it can be a fun design choice.

Is It Really Necessary To Have a Nursery Theme?

It seems like every article you come across encourages new parents to choose a nursery theme, but what if you don't want a theme? In truth, it's entirely okay to ditch the nursery theme and design the room without adhering to a set design. In reality, this theme is only temporary, and your children will grow out of it eventually.

You can create a nursery without a theme, as long as you are open to combining different styles, accents, and colors. Create a nursery that fits you and your baby. The perfect bedroom starts with you and your baby's needs.

Combine Different Prints and Other Accents

While there are many different fun styles to admire, you only get to choose one if you plan to have a themed nursery. The great thing about having no strict theme is that you can combine different prints and accents from every style.

For example, if you like a safari-style bedroom, you can include elements from that landscape on the walls. If you enjoy feng shui, you can add neutral-toned furniture like a gray armchair and an off-white side table. There is plenty of baby nursery furniture that fits every space, including rooms that don't have a theme.

Don't Be Afraid To Use Color and Patterns

It's completely fine to ditch the idea of a themed bedroom while still utilizing the color palettes and patterns of those themes. If there are colors or patterns you can't live without, apply them to the nursery.

Even if you aren’t going for a particular theme, it can be beneficial to limit furniture and décor items to a set color palette or design style. For instance, if you're going for a modern baby room, furniture, décor, and wall paint in neutral, primary colors should be on your list.

Combine Different Styles—the World Doesn't Care

Does the nursery really need to have a theme? No, it doesn't! The world is your oyster—combine any style you want! Create a nursery by borrowing elements from different styles or areas of interest, such as safaris, nature, and fairytales. These styles are adaptable, and your child will grow out of them less quickly than they would a teddy bear room theme.

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