Gifts for New Parents To Add to Their Christmas Wish Lists

Gifts for New Parents To Add to Their Christmas Wish Lists

It’s time to break out the notebook, pen, or your smartphone’s note app and write some gift ideas down. Whether it’s gifts for you alone, you and your spouse, the nursery, or the whole family, we have dozens of recommendations and have narrowed it down to the best ones. In this article, you’ll find gifts for new parents to add to their Christmas wish lists split into four categories. Let’s get started!

Gifts for the Nursery

Especially if you’re a new or expecting parent, the nursery is probably the first thing you’ll think about when curating your Christmas wish list. While you can’t fit everything on your list, you can add the most essential items.

In the New Year, you will likely be swamped with setting up the nursery before the baby comes, and you might not have time to shop around for baby furniture.

To get the furniture you need, add a natural wood nursery set to your Christmas list. This bedroom set is sustainable, grows with your infant, and won’t go out of style.

Here are other nursery items to add:

  • Pack n’ Play set
  • Crib mattress
  • Decorations
  • Diapers

Gifts for Self-Care

Self-care is important for new parents, and getting it as a gift is great. One gift idea is a high-quality water bottle. While you might want coffee in the morning, having a water bottle can help you drink the right amount of water daily. Another idea is a gift card for a restaurant or food delivery service if you want a break from cooking and dishes.

Other self-care items to add include:

  • A spa gift certificate
  • A week of babysitting
  • Money for a hobby

Gifts for the Whole Family

If you want something for the entire family to enjoy, try out a board game or a food-related gift. These gifts bring the family closer together and help moms and dads relax with their kids.

You should also think about adding these:

  • S’more maker
  • A bucket list journal
  • Photo album
  • Snack subscription box
  • Matching PJs

Gifts for Parents Only

While self-care gifts are great to buy, sometimes, parents want to do something with each other. One gift idea is setting up a babymoon. A babymoon is an event that happens sometime before or after birth, and unlike a honeymoon, you don’t need to travel too far to have time away.

Add these other gifts for you and your spouse:

  • Slippers
  • Bath bomb set
  • Cleaning service

Now that you have ideas, what gift ideas are you thinking of adding to your Christmas wish list? Think about it—whatever you want, you can add it right now to share with friends and family once it comes time to buy gifts.

If you want to add nursery furniture to your wish list, make sure it’s from Simply Nursery. Our products are handmade and ready to order. Bring your nursery together with handmade furniture so you and your little family can focus on other preparations for the New Year.

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