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Small Spaces, Big Ideas

Decorating a nursery space takes creativity, especially when you don’t have a lot of space to work with when designing the baby’s room. The best way to decorate the nursery in a small room is to use every square inch with the right furniture and accessories.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas


If you need some inspiration, Simply Nursery selected great ideas that can make a big difference. So, let's start from scratch with valuable and functional tips for designing your project and giving priority for your baby's daily life. Are you ready?


Walls and Floors / Light Rugs


How much color should I put in the nursery? There is an endless amount of information on color out there, however light colors have uncountable benefits. When you choose light colors make the room look bigger and match with various styles of furniture and décor. Light colors will also help brighten the space and bring. The lighting, when done indirectly and with the use of sconces or strings are comfortable to the baby and give an extra charm in the decoration.

 	Small Spaces, Big Ideas     


Furniture or Theme


Choosing furniture or theme for your baby’s nursery can be exciting, however, you need to make sure your child is comfortable and safe, but you also want to provide a visually stimulating environment that will help nurture their development. In order to help you decide, Simply Nursery has the best furniture that matches your needs. So, before you set a theme, take a look at the functional Simply Nursery furniture.




Your baby’s going to spend the first two to three years of their life in a crib, so make sure you see it as an investment — meaning getting one that is built to last and it is the safest crib possible. Simply Nursery’s crib matches your need.

The modern and gorgeous Baby Retro Convertible Crib is the best choice for parents who care about the environment. Our eco-friendly crib is made 100% of solid wood from renewable forests and feature no mdp or particle board.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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This convertible crib, is a must-have for any nursery. The crib can be converted into a toddler bed and a little couch/day bed, it can be adjusted as your child grows. The crib has three adjustable mattress height positions keep up with your growing baby. Rest easy — this crib meets ASTM International and U.S. CPSC Safety Standards for all US and Canadian regulations.




What are your concerns when it comes to get a good dresser for your baby? Quality? Durability? Safety? Maybe, price? By choosing Simply Nursery furniture you don’t need to have these worries since we do value to offer the best nursery furniture.

Simply Nursery’s three-drawer dresser - a Scandinavian-inspired look, is perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy and organized in style. Its three drawers on metal gliders feature finger pulls, giving it an understated, hardware-free look, and four angled feet down below add a mid-century modern touch. Crafted from solid pine wood, it showcases a versatile neutral finish with visible wood grain. An anti-tip kit is also included.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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Changing Tray


Let’s be honest! We know you can change your baby just about anywhere he or she is safe from falling, however, remember that you’ll be changing your baby’s diapers at least for a year or more. That’s why you have to choose a good one. Simply Nursery’s changing table is crafted from solid pine wood in a neutral hue and non-toxic finish, with a wider space to add your changing pad, and a smaller area perfect for storing diapers or wipes. Just add a changing pad of your choice, and you'll be all set to freshen up your little one.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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Shelf is a must-have for small spaces. These versatile beauties offer a wealth of storage without stealing an inch of precious floor space. Our shelves are made with solid wood in shape of a little house. This is a great option to bring modern decoration to your baby nursery. Beautiful and functional, the shelf, when reached by your child can be used in a ludic way to make your child interacts with different toys.

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

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