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The Benefits of Sharing a Room With Your Infant

The Benefits of Sharing a Room With Your Infant

Have you recently found yourself tossing over the possibility of sharing a bedroom with your little one? Every parent wonders if it’s good to sleep with their baby. It’s important to enjoy your time with your child, so sharing a room with them can improve your relationship. Here are the benefits of sharing a room with your infant.

Are Bed-Sharing and Room-Sharing the Same?

You likely found that there’s a thing called bed-sharing, but are bed-sharing and room-sharing the same? No, they’re not. Although they happen in the same room, they both differ. For starters, bed-sharing is when a parent and child sleep in the same bed together, and room-sharing is having a child slumber in a crib adjacent to the bed. Both have great benefits; however, this article is about room-sharing.

Everyone’s Sleep Habits Improve

No matter how small or big your house is, a baby’s cry is loud enough to startle anyone from their sleep. Even as infants fuss at night, the crying won’t wake anyone else in the house up but the parent. Plus, the parent’s schedule improves since their baby falls asleep faster and stays asleep for longer.

Keeping your baby close to your bedside saves you a trip across the hall to check on your baby and feed or change them. Then, they can settle right in and fall back asleep.

The Room’s Stress-Free

Many parents find it hard to live stress-free with a newborn. It’s OK that your baby cries, and having the little one sleep in your room creates a more stress-free environment. You can react immediately to a whimper or soft cry when they’re close by.

Many babies have lower cortisol levels when they’re in the same room as their mothers. Also, parents feel more at peace and experience fewer nights awake worrying about their infant in the next room.

More Mental Health Benefits

There are many benefits of sharing a room with a baby, including improved mental health. When sleeping in the same room, the baby and parents feel bonded. Their closeness improves the emotional standing of their relationship. Parents feel closer to the baby, and children face less stress when they know their parents are nearby.

Your Baby Sleeps Better

Many parents want their little ones to sleep through the night. This can be a struggle, but it’s possible. You can improve an infant’s sleep routine with solid wood nursery furniture. Having better furnishings improves your baby’s sleep by helping them sleep through the night and reducing their stress levels.

It’s essential to have the right furniture for the baby. Simply Nursery provides sustainable wooden furniture that’s convertible and makes sleeping together better. Check out our shop for ways to customize a better-shared living space.


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