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The miracle of life

The most beautiful trait of the human species is the ability to procreate, to raise and build a strong special and emotional bond with one’s offspring. The ability to nurture a life; right from a single microscopic cell to fully grown baby inside a womb is the biggest blessing a woman has ever received and a child birth is nothing short of a miracle!


The news of pregnancy suspected by the missed menses of the lady, confirmed by a urine pregnancy kit or a blood test (HCG- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone detected via pregnancy strip test or blood test) can create various forms of expressions in the would be parents as well as the family members. It can vary from a sheer ecstasy to a sudden shock... well both are normal. As much as pregnancy is always seen as a beautiful phase in a woman’s life to look forward to; it can also be the cause of various uncertainties, doubts, anxieties and sleepless nights.


The information that we shall provide you will definitely put to rest to most of your anxieties and clear off the muddy waters of uncertainties to give way to the beautiful path towards Parenthood. There are some pregnancies that are unplanned, and after an initial period of disbelief, give yourself a breather and gradually convey the news to your partner and family members. They can be the best ones to hold your hand and assure you that all shall be well.  Often than not a child brings the couple together and the journey towards parenthood becomes a much joyous and much awaited one if there is love, care and sharing of responsibilities amongst the couple.


The role of a family physician and an obstetrician is a very crucial one. In fact ideally, the family physician should be consulted prior to the conception so as to rule any possibility of certain hereditary disorders (by doing certain tests for Thalassemia disorder, blood group to check whether there is any discrepancy in parents blood group viz negative and positive). Also the physician carefully examines and can advice on the optimum weight prior to pregnancy so as to prevent complications during pregnancy (obesity can predispose to Gestational Diabetes or Hypertension during pregnancy). The physician often recommends taking Folic acid supplements couple of months prior to conception so as to prevent certain neurological complications in the unborn baby. Ingestion of alcohol and smoking should be completely discouraged as they can create complications like low birth weight baby and certain malformations.


The first visit to the family physician or the obstetrician can be scheduled anytime from 10 to 15 days post missed periods. The pregnant lady could be experiencing nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, mood swings or vomiting; all these discomforting pointers of pregnancy can be alleviated by your doctor by reassurance and safe and gentle medications. The doctor would advice on certain blood tests and sonogram of the gravid uterus so as to confirm he pregnancy and assess the stage. A word of caution regarding - taking of any medications without asking your doctor, travelling and having sex in the initial weeks of pregnancy shall all be addressed by your doctor.
As the baby takes its own sweet time of 9 big months to evolve before coming out into this world, similarly the new parents have these 9 months to learn, adapt and brace themselves for the exciting journey of parenthood. The anxieties about what changes in the body to experience during each passing month to the alarming symptom of labor pains all are very much a part of the questionnaire of any pregnant lady and a caring physician will assure that you cross all these hurdles well.


So put your seat belts on – and welcome onboard for the exciting adventure to parenthood!!


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