The Most Notable Nursery Design Trends in 2023

The Most Notable Nursery Design Trends in 2023

As a parent, you’re consistently looking for ideas to use in the nursery, including any hot-off-the-press trends. Over the past few months, design trends came and went, but some stuck around because they were that fun to use in the baby’s room.

Yet, regardless of the design you choose, the most essential part of the nursery design process is ensuring your baby is nurtured, loved, and raised in a safe and sustainable environment. Here is a list of the most notable nursery trends in 2023 you’ll likely fall in love with and want to use.

Going in a Minimalist Direction

Minimalist nurseries have been around for a long time, but they continue to improve. Instead of focusing on limiting furniture and paint colors, you’re also limiting yourself to other things like decoration pieces and floor surfaces.

How To Create a Minimalist Nursery

The minimalist nursery is easy to create. You don’t need an extravagant budget; an idea is all that’s necessary. For one, you could start with the basics, like painting. The colors you pick should remain neutral, such as grays, greens, and beiges.

After choosing a paint color, decide what furniture to buy. You need a crib, dresser, side table, and a rocking chair. All these things fit your budget and fill in the spaces, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough in the nursery.

Vintage Is Making a Scene

Vintage is another style that’s been around for a while but didn’t begin gaining traction until recently. Since the pandemic, many of us have started reminiscing about childhood and how our parents grew up. Many of them grew up with fun, retro items that seem like the perfect memorabilia to put in a nursery.

Why Should You Add Vintage Items to the Nursery?

Antiques are great to collect, but they could clutter a space. The best way to give that piece of furniture or decoration a second chance at life is to display it somewhere it can grow with the family. When you add a vintage item to the nursery—whether it was inherited from Grandma or passed down from your childhood—you continue a legacy.

Every time your little one looks at that item, they’ll be reminded of happiness—cherished memories of your childhood and generations before passed on to your baby. So go ahead and add that antique dresser you have been wanting to implement for a while.

Blossoming the Room With Plants and Mushrooms

Plants are all the rage. They’re great for adorning the hallway windows to make the space feel fuller, but they also make a useful design choice in the nursery. This year, many plant and mushroom designs are appearing. Many of the designs feature fungi and fully blossomed toadstools.

How To Use the Fairy-Tale Theme in the Nursery

You can incorporate plants into any nursery theme—the most popular is a fairy-tale theme. Create a magical experience by supplementing the room with fun plants and fairy-themed items. Create a treasure toy chest to store all the fairy-themed toys like the gnomes, fairies (obviously), miniature fungi, and plants.

You can do a lot with the fairy-tale bedroom theme for infants, such as adding wallpaper with fairies or kings and queens. Grow your sprout in a fairy-tale-themed bedroom where they will dream whimsically and awaken feeling magical.

Giving the Nursery Some Arch and Curves

Curves and arches are everywhere; they give the home some illusion of having higher ceilings and abstract entryways. This style has made its way into small bedrooms. If your nursery has woodwork that doesn’t give much to the entry or windows, try utilizing furniture with pointed corners.

How To Add Curves and Arches to the Nursery

Consider adding decorations and furniture that give the room curves and an unexpected arch. Some cribs don’t add variety to a room, especially if they’re rounded. Give the bedroom some oomph by adding furniture that adds some form.

It’s a good idea to use furniture with pointed corners to add curves and enhance arches; consider painting an arch on the wall and placing a shelf in the middle. These additions add depth to a room, making traditional-shaped furniture pieces feel modern.

Skip Horizontal Paint Lines and Get Vertical Paneling

Panels have been rising in popularity in nursery design. This design style adds dimension to the walls by using vertical panels and chair rail molding on the wall’s perimeter. This versatile style lets you utilize any theme to fit in with the vertical paneling.

How To Make the Vertical Paneling Stand Out in the Nursery

One thing to note is that vertical paneling uses a chair rail mold, lining the perimeter of the walls horizontally; the style also uses beadboard and shiplap. You can customize the shiplap however you’d like to fit the room’s theme.

You could use the vertical paneling as an accent wall. Place your little one’s name above their crib, along with pictures representing their name or their family’s culture. The paneling has separate sections to make every area different.

Wallpaper Nursery Walls Are Back in Style

Wallpaper is another great idea—even those with dated designs like a mosaic, floral patterns, or stripes. Though stripes might give you a headache staring at them for too long, it’s easy to incorporate them into the room’s design.

How To Use Wallpaper in the Nursery

It’s essential to realize that the entire room doesn’t need to be plastered with a single piece of wallpaper. Consider inventing your own by combining designs. The wonderful thing about striped wallpaper these days is the stripes aren’t simple straight lines anymore. Some are fun creations where the stripes seem to bounce off the wall.

Make sure to pick a style and color that fits. For example, if you want a rustic nursery, choosing wallpaper with wooden planks makes the bedroom feel more modern than if you used an outdated design. Plus, it makes the room feel relaxed.

Adding Sentimental Touches Is Trending

One of the best trends sweeping the internet is sentimental touches. These touches are personal, and they have meaning in the nursery. If you have an idea for an accent wall, consider centering it around familial memories.

For instance, you could take a picture with your mother, grandmother, and greats to document each generation of motherhood. From the oldest to the youngest, each mom will feel honored to be on that wall, watching each generation grow.

How To Design a Sentimental Nursery

Don’t just put up pictures of generations of moms. Make it your personal corner by placing furniture near the accent wall to give it more of a familial meaning. For example, you could place baby picture books on a side table, and nestled along the side of the table could be a cubby to store handmade blankets from Grandma.

We’re all about the most notable nursery trends of 2023 here at Simply Nursery. Our approach to nursery design is getting you excited about the process, including buying multiuse handmade furniture that grows with your infant. A hip baby room won’t be complete without a small side table for the nursery. Find all you need to create a sustainable, ready-to-sleep-in nursery for you and your little one.

The Most Notable Nursery Design Trends in 2023

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