Tips for Keeping Your Baby’s Nursery Warm in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Baby’s Nursery Warm in the Winter

Hey there, parent! Have you recently found it hard to create a warm nursery for your baby? Or, if you’re still planning your nursery, are you worried that every room in your house is too cold to keep your baby comfortable? Let’s go over the different things you can do to keep the baby’s nursery warm on cold nights.

Set the Room to a Cool Temperature

Your baby’s room needs to be at a cool temperature so that they can fall asleep easily. Temperature is one of the main things that can cause an infant to hate their bedroom. Before your baby comes, spend time in the room to decide if the temperature is right. If it feels too cold or you find yourself wearing a sweatshirt, wrapping yourself in a blanket, or leaving the room multiple times, you need to readjust the thermostat. The temperature should be between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for a restful slumber.

Use the Right Sheets

The right sheets shouldn’t create discomfort. If the sheets don’t fit the bed properly, they will become askew during the night, exposing the mattress underneath. And if a mattress is cold, it startles an infant and wakes them up. Even if a baby sleeps through the night with unfitted sheets, they will feel cold in the morning.

It’s not just the fit that matters when selecting sheets—it’s the material, too. Measure the crib to gauge the correct sheet size that won’t sag or slip off the mattress while in use. Additionally, consider buying satin sheets that are breathable and can serve as an extra layer of protection from the cold.

Keep the Crib Empty

The only thing that should go into the crib is your baby. The biggest no-no is having unnecessary items in the crib, such as a quilt or stuffed animals. While quilts do keep you warm, they’re not safe for babies. Skip the quilt and use a sleep sack instead. Sleep sacks are cozy and warm and give babies a sense of security.

Keep the Crib Away From Drafty Windows

A baby might not know they’re near a window, but they will still feel the chilly air seeping through it. When arranging your child’s nursery, ensure the crib is far away from drafty windows. In fact, it’s best to keep the crib against a wall that’s close to the door so that you have a quicker path to get to them when needed.

Use these tips for keeping your baby’s nursery warm in the winter as you start assembling and placing the furniture in the bedroom. A good night’s sleep will no longer be disrupted by the bitter cold that creeps outside our doors and windows this winter.

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