Ways To Customize Your Newborn’s Wood Crib

Ways To Customize Your Newborn’s Wood Crib

As you eagerly await the arrival of your newborn, you may find yourself browsing through various nursery furniture websites and catalogs. The most essential feature of a nursery is the crib purchase, but the right one doesn’t pop up out of thin air. The best type of crib is wooden because it’s safe, timeless, and natural; however, you might hate how plain it appears. So, instead of leaving it as it is, here are ways to customize your newborn’s wood crib.


One popular customization idea for wooden cribs is adding monograms. You can add monogram letters to the headboard or the footboard of the crib, and you can choose from various fonts, styles, and colors. Monogramming the crib could be a wonderful way to display your child’s initials and personality while adding a unique touch to the nursery.


Painting the crib is an excellent personalization idea. It’s an affordable method to help complement the room’s overall decor. Depending on the room’s theme, you can choose from a dozen different colors. For example, you could select a pastel color for a softer look or create an accent piece using bold colors.

Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals offer a simpler way to style a plain wooden crib—they are especially great if you aren’t committed to a permanent layout. You can find stickers and decals with every design imaginable, such as inspiring quotes, animals, and seasonal themes. Plus, they come in various shapes and sizes.


Adding decorative elements like beads, buttons, and other embellishments to the crib can take it from basic to custom and stylish. Choose decorations from various colors, shapes, and sizes to match the bedding and decor items or blend with the wood’s natural color. Adding these small details can make a crib stand out.

Crib Canopy

A crib canopy instantly transforms any ordinary crib into a showstopper. You could use a premade top or create one using patterned fabric. You can go for something that matches the decor or choose a bold color to make the canopy a statement piece. A crib canopy is an excellent option for creating a cozy baby nook.

You can customize your newborn’s wood crib in numerous ways. You can create a unique and personalized space for your little one, whether you add your baby’s monogram, paint the crib, install a canopy or use stickers. It is essential to keep safety guidelines in mind when customizing your crib. Things like VOC in paint can contain hazardous toxic fumes. Whatever design you choose, remember to keep the space safe and comfortable for your newborn. With these ideas to get you started, you can let your creativity run wild when customizing your new addition’s crib.

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