10 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

10 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

Hey, parents-to-be! We know you’re so excited to welcome your little one into the world. If you feel stumped on crafting that perfect nursery because you’re unsure if it’s a boy or girl, why not choose a gender-neutral room design for the baby? Here’s more on that, plus 10 tips for decorating the perfect gender-neutral nursery.

Why Make the Nursery Gender-Neutral?

Although gender-neutral baby rooms are more of a norm these days, there are other benefits of creating one. Having one in your home can open more doors to expand your creativity for the design elements.

For example, having a gender-neutral nursery makes sense if you’re looking to veer away from gender norms or want to wait to find out the sex after delivery.

For Multiples

If you’re expecting a set of twins or another multiple set, but don’t know the genders, now is the best time to consider making a gender-inclusive room. When you don’t add gendered colors to the nursery theme, you can think outside of the box.

For Shared Rooms

Sometimes you won’t have a ton of room for a separate nursery, so incorporating gender-neutral themes into an already occupied space can make both siblings feel included in the room.

For starters, if you have a son and daughter in the same room, consider installing a divider to help give your children privacy and their own space.

Start With Neutral Color Palettes

You might not know the right colors to use, but truthfully, the best colors always end up being neutral-toned ones, like white, gray, and beige. However, you can dress up each shade to create a theme that’s personal to you and your baby.

Consider going with one of these colors below to help you get started.


You need to feel happy and energized when you walk into the room every morning, so use a shade of orange like burned sienna. Using burned sienna and a creamy white can make your wooden nursery furniture feel more natural, making for a perfect boho look.


With a bit of yellow and aqua, you could transform a dull room into the gender-neutral nursery of your dreams. The two colors create a balanced space that won’t make the room too bright when the sun hits it just right.


Sometimes having one color, like sage, can create a more earthy-toned nursery. If you don’t want to combine sage with other colors, adding simple items can make a room feel more balanced.

Pick a Neutral Theme

If you don’t want any gender-specific themes, stick to more neutral elements that both genders would love, like the circus or zoo. When designing the nursery, pick out neutrally colored stuffed animals, and add carpeting with fun geometric shapes.

Stick to Simple Furniture

When looking at stuff for the nursery, you want to pick non-toxic nursery furniture; however, the manufacturing process and design matter. Choosing a wooden piece works best and lasts much longer than a castle-shaped plastic bed.

Additionally, simple furniture is also available in convertible styles. So as your child grows, their beds can grow with them.

Apply a Statement Piece

Every room deserves a piece that pulls a space together. Depending on the theme, you can add a unique wall decal to make the nursery stand out. Some examples include an image of a giraffe, an architectural landmark like the Eiffel tower, and so much more.

Here’s your excuse to include your favorite touches to bring the room to life and add a little more interest into the space.

Add Some Bold Hues

Having accessories with bold colors can define the nursery. For a gender-neutral room, stick with colors that give the room some personality.

Pick colors like these:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Neutral pink
  • Off-white
  • Brown

Use Texture

If the room still seems bare, consider incorporating different textures that can stimulate your little one’s senses. If most of your colors are neutral, focus on using different textiles to add interesting focal points. Things like a shaggy carpet or pom-pom pillows make the room fun and interesting.

Use Those Corners

Another thing some might struggle with when creating the nursery is finding something to do with those odd corners of the room. Instead of placing a stuffed animal there, try setting up a small table with chairs to add a play area for your child.

Don’t Go Crazy With Adult Furniture

It’s essential to have your own designated space in the nursery, but trying to childproof it is hard when some pieces you add are antiques. So if you must have some adult furniture in the room, stick to a simple rocking chair and maybe a love seat you can sit on while nursing.

It’s OK To Add Gender After the Baby Comes

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and add gender-specific items without knowing the sex of your baby. So try and wait. Luckily, you have a room that’s neutral, so you can transform it any way you want.

The room doesn’t have to stay neutral, though. After your little one comes, you can go ahead and add a pink fox in the crib or put up bright blue curtains.

Make the Room Baby-Friendly

The other important thing to note is that babies need to have the right furniture, toys, and other storage items to keep the room baby-friendly. So that means if you want to add greenery, try and steer clear of big potted plants, and place smaller plants up high on a shelf. Your baby’s safety is the most important thing to consider when creating a nursery.

Remember that the way you set up your gender-neutral nursery is up to you, but following these 10 tips for creating the perfect gender-neutral nursery can help guide you along the way.

Our wooden furniture baby nursery sets at Simply Nursery grow with your child and add a personal touch to your gender-inclusive bedroom. As you settle into the designs and pick your items, don’t forget to explore our fantastic quality wooden baby furniture.

10 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

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