3 Benefits of Having a Chest of Drawers in Your Nursery

3 Benefits of Having a Chest of Drawers in Your Nursery

Take this moment to look around your nursery. Is there enough storage space for clothes, toys, and changing table supplies? If not, you may need to get creative with your storage choices—especially if you don’t have a closet. The best strategy for ample storage space in the nursery is a chest of drawers. Parents everywhere love the convenience and the benefits that come with dressers.

The Chest Allows for Easier Organization

One of the first apparent advantages of a dresser is organization. Some homes don’t have huge closets, so the best resort is a chest of drawers. This keeps everything organized, from clothing to diapers. Plus, a hack for creating even more storage is inserting dividers. Setting up storage barriers inside drawers allows you to decide what items go where. It makes organizing the hardest things a lot easier.

The Chest Grows With Your Child

As far as buying nursery furniture goes, it’s important to keep in mind quality. A good piece of high-quality furniture will grow with your children. While it might be more expensive, a chest made out of wood, such as walnut or cherry, and crafted carefully using reliable hardware, like drawer glides, will make a big difference in how it holds up over the years. By investing in a solid chest of drawers early on, you avoid needing to upgrade furniture more frequently—if made well, your child may be able to take this dresser with them when they move out at 18.

The Chest Fits Every Theme

To ensure your child’s dresser fits every theme as they grow older, consider purchasing a natural wood nursery dresser. By choosing furniture with high-quality materials and craftsmanship but also in a natural color palette, you’re ensuring it can be used for years to come. Additionally, the dresser can be moved from room to room if needed. As your child grows up and perhaps moves into a bigger bedroom with a closet, this chest of drawers will still have a long life ahead of it, whether used in a guestroom, mudroom, or home office.

The advantages of having a chest of drawers in your nursery are endless. It’s worth investing in natural wood furniture, especially when made by a manufacturer that doesn’t rush their building process. By shopping with Simply Nursery, you’ll find affordability and sustainability in our furniture. Shop with us and create the nursery of your dreams.

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