3 Creative Ways To Decorate a Nursery Chest

Decorating a nursery is somewhat daunting, but it’s all worth it once you put your style into the decorations and furniture placement. The space should have one of every essential, including a nursery chest. A chest in the nursery functions perfectly as both storage and decor. Read on to learn three creative ways to decorate a nursery chest that’ll inspire you to make the most of creating a functional and fun nursery for the baby.

1. Paint It a Fun Color or Add a Cute Decal

One way to make a nursery chest pop is to add a fun splash of color or a cute decal. If you’re handy with a paintbrush, paint the chest in a bright, cheerful color such as yellow or teal. Alternatively, you can order a decal from an online vendor and apply it to the chest. Decals are perfect if you’re uncomfortable painting or want to change up the look of the chest later on.

2. Use It as a Canvas for a Mural

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can turn your nursery chest into a canvas for a mural. Using the dresser as a canvas is especially fun if you love to create art. You can paint a scene from your favorite children’s book or create a whimsical design incorporating nursery decor elements. Painting a mural of your favorite storybook scene or a character from a show is an excellent way to make the chest a unique piece to your child’s room.

3. Dress It Up With Decorative Accessories

Consider dressing your nursery chest up with cute accessories. Add a plush toy or two, some framed pictures, or a pretty lamp to the top of the chest. Adding decorative accessories helps pull the entire room together and make it a cohesive part of the room. Plus, it’s a great excuse to shop for cute accessories!

Decorating a nursery chest is a wonderful way to personalize your child’s space and make it feel special. Whether you add a splash of color, create a mural, or dress it up with accessories, finding creative ways to decorate a nursery chest will help it become an essential part of the room. Start your nursery planning with Simply Nursery, a reliable baby furniture manufacturer that handcrafts each modern nursery dresser with love and care from the renewable forests of Brazil. You can explore all there is to set up the perfect nursery for your little one on our site.

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