3 Nursery Design Tips To Help Breastfeeding Moms


As a mom who plans to breastfeed, you have many resources for setting up a breastfeeding station but nothing precisely for designing the baby’s room. Here are three nursery designs to help breastfeeding moms like you decorate the nursery.


Utilize the Corners of the Nursery

Your nursery may be small, but it has corners you could use up. If you haven’t already designated a place for a breastfeeding station, pick a small spot close enough to the crib but not too far from the window so you and the baby can enjoy some sunlight. Utilizing the corners helps make the room feel fuller and more organized.

Consider placing a side table and rocking chair in the corner, and a bin or two to organize the breastfeeding supplies and your personal items.


Keep Things Organized With Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins make the room feel more organized. Since you will have a lot of breastfeeding gear to sort through, keeping containers underneath the side table, against the wall, or on the side of your chair helps organize the room.

Use one basket to store swaddles, another to store the breast pump and other accessories, and another basket for a drink and snack after feeding the baby. As your baby grows, consider using some bins for toys.


Get Nursery Furniture That Fits the Bedroom

The bedroom looks great but can’t be complete without functional furniture. Every breastfeeding mom needs nursery furniture that fits the bedroom. Measure out the room carefully to know what size bed, dresser, and chair to buy.

As you learn these nursery design tips for breastfeeding moms, one of the other things to note is where you buy your nursery furniture from. Every parent wants furniture that lasts long and isn’t made with harmful chemicals. Simply Nursery is home to the best eco-friendly baby furniture on the market. Our gear is handmade directly from the renewable forests of Brazil with moms and babies in mind. Browse for ideas on designing the perfect nursery for your little one to grow up in.

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