3 Popular Nursery Room Accessories for Your Baby

The nursery is the best part of your pregnancy journey. Let’s grab our idea list and write down three more popular nursery room accessories for your baby. From handmade felt animals to wall decor, these items are going to be the most fun pieces to pick out for the baby’s room.

Handmade Stuffed Animals

Eco-friendly nurseries are trending this year, and we’re here for it! If you’re shopping for stuffed toys for your infant, you should try handmade felt animals. Felt animals are unique, fun pieces to display until your child’s big enough to play with them. Given that they’re handmade, there’s a reduced risk of choking hazards, such as the plastic eyes stitched onto traditional stuffed animals.

Wooden Chests

Baby furniture is constantly changing to meet quality standards. Baby furniture cannot be older than 10 years, especially cribs. Wooden chests, on the other hand, don’t need to be classified under those standards unless it’s damaged.

To create a sustainable nursery for your infant, invest in a natural chest of drawers, handmade with materials from Brazil’s renewable forests. Simply Nursery provides families with furniture that lasts a long time and grows with their child.

Natural Wallhang Decor

With eco-friendly nurseries hitting our social media timelines, now’s the best time to hit up stores to create your own or invest in wall-hanging decor. Consider making a eucalyptus wallhang with artificial leaves, wooden sticks, and spool rope. Hang it with a nail, or use an adhesive wall hook. By hanging natural wall decorations, you give the room more energy, color, and texture.

As you develop the nursery, consider using one of these three popular nursery room accessories for your baby. Want more nursery room ideas? Check out what Simply Nursery offers! We handmake all our items from renewable forests in Brazil. Everything is made with baby in mind, eliminating the usage of toxic chemicals. Browse our website for more sustainable baby furniture for your dream nursery.

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