3 Things To Know About Convertible Cribs Before Buying

3 Things To Know About Convertible Cribs Before Buying

Parenthood is a beautiful thing. There is a lot to do when planning this exciting journey, and one fun part is setting up the nursery. A lot goes into baby room planning, like deciding what kind of crib to buy. Instead of purchasing a brand-new bed, consider getting a convertible crib to accommodate how quickly your child will grow. Here are three things to know about convertible cribs before buying.

Convertible Cribs Come in Three Types

Convertible cribs are smart purchases. These versatile cribs convert into beds and come in three styles: two-in-one, three-in-one, and four-in-one. Because of their different conversion styles, these beds simplify the switch from the crib to the “big kid bed.”

What Do the Conversions Look Like?

The first stage of the crib has an adjustable mattress support. Lower the mattress support as your child learns to stand and sit in the crib. Once they become mobile, the next phase is a toddler bed, which no longer needs the front panel. Move the crib closer to the floor to make it easier for your child to climb in and out.

After age 3, most kids know how to stay in bed without falling. You can remove the guardrail to change the crib to a daybed. Once your child reaches 6 or 7, you might consider upgrading to a full-size bed.

You can also get a conversion kit for the bed. The conversion kit extends the bed by using the backboard from the crib as a headboard, and the front panel becomes the footboard. The conversion kit makes it easy to convert the crib as your child grows.

These Cribs Follow Safety Standards

Any bed you buy for an infant will follow safety standards. The most common regulation is the no drop-side panel. Baby crib manufacturers could no longer use the drop-side board because it broke quickly and the hardware pinched. Cribs must be sturdy and have thin slats to prevent limbs from getting stuck.

Mattress supports are another safety standard to watch for. A mattress support keeps the baby level while sleeping and prevents the mattress from sliding. You should look over the measurements of the mattress support before buying a mattress; if the pad isn’t snug, your infant will have a hard time sleeping in their crib. Keep in mind that while convertible cribs are great, you must pay attention to safety standards.

Convertible Cribs Save You Money and Time

Many parents want to save time and money, even when setting up a nursery for their infant. Before buying a convertible crib, know that it saves you time and money and creates more space for another bed.

Avoid spending more on a crib that doesn’t convert, and choose a convertible handmade baby crib for the baby’s room. Simply Nursery offers handmade furniture that completes the bedroom and simplifies transitions to the next stage of your child’s life.

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