3 Ways a Nursery Chest Helps Baby Develop Object Permanence

3 Ways a Nursery Chest Helps Baby Develop Object Permanence

When you were younger, did you ever explore the cabinets and drawers of your parents’ bedroom, closet, or kitchen? The real question is, who hasn’t? Aside from setting up the nursery with the latest furniture, you should stop and consider what sort of things each piece teaches your baby. Now that you’re warmed up to that thought, here are three amazing ways a nursery chest helps a baby develop object permanence.

Babies Learn What’s Around Them While Playing With the Drawer

Some of the cutest things babies do are rummage through drawers and play games like peek-a-boo. They first learn what’s inside the drawer and around them. Babies dive in and pull out socks, move shirts around, and shake things to see what everything does, such as making a sound or hitting the ground hard.

They’re Checking To See How the Chest Drawer Works

The dresser might be the only thing that excites infants, despite the drawer’s contents. Babies push and pull the drawer open, poke their tiny heads around to see how it moves, and may even pull themselves up. Parents should be observant and ensure their little one is safe while playing with the drawers. If you want your little one to explore safely, consider adding cubbies to an open-face shelf so they can pull, lift, and push safely.

Drawers Can Teach Infants Problem-Solving Skills

Infants are so adorable when playing with their nursery dresser! One of the greatest things that nursery chests teach about object permanence is problem-solving skills. While infants pull drawers and remove the items, they teach themselves to place things back into the drawer without help. Additionally, parents can enhance their learning by working one on one by showing them what items go into each dresser drawer.

Let’s make learning even more fun in the nursery by adding a natural wood nursery dresser. Simply Nursery offers sustainable, handmade furniture with baby and parent in mind. Our furniture, handmade from rehabbed forests of Brazil, is kid-friendly and safe to explore and develop object permanence. Let’s increase your baby’s learning by building a sustainable and positive learning environment.

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