3 Ways To Tell if Your Baby Is Overheating at Night

Something you may not know as a new parent straight away is that babies can overheat. Overheating happens when the baby experiences discomfort in their beds due to wearing tight or heavy layers and lying in an uncomfortable temperature. Check out these three ways to tell if your baby is overheating at night, so you can help them sleep more comfortably.

The Swaddle Isn’t Breathable

One thing you learn in the hospital is how to swaddle your infant. While it may take a while to master, it is one of the surefire ways to tell a baby is overheating. A tight or heavy swaddle can cause babies to sweat and fuss because they feel overwhelmed by the heat.

When infants feel sweaty, the wrap might be the problem. When it’s hot outside, or if you have the heater on through the night, make sure you dress your baby in a breathable swaddle. Also called a sack, these wrappable cloths are available in cotton, which you should buy more of—specifically, muslin cotton. Muslin cotton is a comfortable, breathable material consisting of a single weave pattern which allows for better airflow.

The Bed Is Uncomfortable

If the swaddle, or sack, is cool and light, then the bed might be creating sleeping struggles for your little bundle. A safe bed is free of lightweight blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows. If you want your baby to sleep better, remove all the toys, pillows, and blankets before tucking them in. Plus, less stuff means more airflow through the crib’s slats.

Blankets shouldn’t be in the crib at all, even loose covers. The only things that should be in the crib are a mattress, a fitted lightweight sheet, and your baby. Babies overheat easily, so keep the crib clear of toys and other clutter.

The Room’s Temperature Is Discomforting

If you are laying nothing but your baby in the crib, swaddling them in a lightweight sack, there’s a high chance your little one’s overheating because of the room’s temperature.

Practice checking the thermostat before baby’s bedtime. Babies sleep better when the thermostat is set at a cool temperature. Furthermore, feel free to leave a door open at night or crack a window to help air circulate. You can also turn on the ceiling fan to the lowest setting to help keep the room cool.

As you learn the signs your baby is overheating, keep our suggestions in mind: clear out the crib, dress them in thin layers, and keep the room’s temperature cool and consistent for a less overwhelming environment.

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