4 Pointers for Getting Your Baby To Sleep in Their Crib

Babies don’t always like to sleep in their cribs—this sometimes has to do with Mom and Dad treating the bed like a time-out space. If you want to change how your baby reacts to their crib, take up these four pointers for getting your baby to sleep in their crib.

Put On the Right Night Outfits

If the problem isn’t treating your infant’s bed as a place to put them as punishment, it could be the clothes they wear. When fitting a sleeper onto your baby, ensure that it is snug and doesn’t have anything loose hanging off the sides.

Inspect the sleeves; if small strings hang from the cuffs, they could wrap around toes and fingers. After evaluating the pajamas, cut these strings off before placing the nighties on your baby. Additionally, consider the environment of the room and dress the baby for the room’s temperature. If the room is warm, your baby shouldn’t be wearing layers that are too thick.

Play Some Serene Noise

Life outside of the womb is foreign to a newborn infant. It’s a strange, scary world at first, especially after spending those first several minutes with you in the hospital. The womb life was never quiet either, though. Believe it or not, noise is actually good for a baby.

What type of noise, exactly? It’s always a hum. That hum was the muffled voices of Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and others, and it was also white noise. Use a white noise machine to help your infant calm down when it’s time for bed.

Get Into a Routine

Get into the routine of going to bed on time. A parent that has an established bedtime routine for their baby has a less stressed baby in the morning. Create a nightly ritual of dinner, playing, getting into pajamas, and prepping your baby for sleep.

After practicing this habit for some time, your infant will be more receptive to their crib. They’ll know that every time you place them in the crib, it’s time to get some shut-eye.

Buy Comfortable Baby Furniture

The best way to create a calming, relaxing nursery is with the right furnishing. Instead of buying just any crib for your infant, try out high-quality, handmade cribs. The crib you get should be eco-friendly, affordable, and one you can use for years to come.

Buying nursery furnishings that fit your budget and create a welcoming atmosphere for parents and their babies is essential. Simply Nursery offers the best baby nursery furniture made from rehabilitated forests in Brazil. Our craftsmanship is at the forefront of our minds when making furniture. After learning how to get your baby to sleep in their crib, check out our online shop for essential nursery furniture.

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