4 Reasons You Should Buy a Convertible Crib

Crafting the right nursery takes time but not necessarily a fortune. You don’t need to spend a lot on furniture to create the ultimate nursery—buying simple pieces that can grow with your child is better than spending on something temporary. If you’re looking into purchasing a convertible crib, here are four reasons you should buy one.

Convertible Cribs Save Space

Investing in a good crib means getting one that fits your space. If you don’t have enough space for a specific crib type, you’ll need to try a different option. Avoid returning a crib that doesn’t fit by purchasing a convertible crib instead. A convertible crib saves space and money since it converts from a crib to a toddler and twin bed, meaning you won’t have to store the previous bed.

These Cribs Are Safer for Babies

When you buy your baby a crib, you must also ensure it’s safe. A safe crib means a happy baby! A convertible crib has all the right safety features: stationary railings, modern design, adjustable mattress positioning, and more! It’s a good choice for first-time parents who want extra security at night.

Transitioning Is Easier

Going from sleeping in a crib to a big-kid bed is difficult, but a convertible crib makes changing beds so much easier! Your child no longer needs to get used to a foreign bed when they have their crib that flexes into a little couch, daybed, and twin bed. These cribs are made with natural wood and give kids the comfort of still being in the same bed.

Convertible Cribs Last Longer

Convertible cribs last longer than traditional ones. Before investing in a convertible crib, you must research the manufacturer you buy from and the style of each bed. Simply Nursery’s convertible cribs last a long time, as they’re made from the renewable forests of Brazil.

One very good reason to invest in a convertible crib is the ability to use it for any child between infancy and childhood. At Simply Nursery, we’re driven to give every parent the chance to give their child a crib that grows with them. Build a better nursery with a convertible natural wood baby crib.

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