4 Signs Your Baby Isn't Getting Enough Sleep

4 Signs Your Baby Isn't Getting Enough Sleep

It can be difficult for your baby to adjust to sleeping in their room. One of the hardest parts of being in their own space is not sleeping through the night. There are many reasons this can happen, but there are plenty of solutions. As you cozy up with your little one and rock them to sleep, consider these four signs your baby isn't getting enough sleep.

Constantly Yawning or Rubbing Their Eyes

One of the first ways to tell if your baby is having trouble resting is if they constantly rub their eyes or yawn. Yawning and eye rubbing are normal for a tired infant, but if those behaviors don’t seem to let up, that's a surefire sign that something is off. Introduce a sleeping schedule as soon as possible to help regulate your baby’s sleeping pattern.

Additionally, record the times between feedings and sleeping. This will allow you to track your infant’s sleep and ensure they are getting at least 16 to 18 hours each day.

Whining or Fussy Before or After Sleeping

Babies whine and fuss for a multitude of reasons, and they tend to make noise or become finicky when they're tired. If you notice your child continues to fight off sleep, it might be the type of crib they're in.

Sometimes, a crib’s material might be bothersome to them. This isn't your fault, though; many parents buy cribs based on budget and nursery aesthetic. Consider a natural wood nursery set to provide your baby with a safe, sustainable crib that fits your theme and budget.

Walks or Car Rides Put Them To Sleep

Sometimes it's helpful to take your baby for a walk or car ride to soothe them, but if they’re regularly falling asleep, it could be because they're not getting adequate rest at night.

Create a sleeping chart and track when your baby sleeps, plays, and eats. This will illustrate their sleep patterns and help you determine the best times to go for a car ride or walk in the park.

Snoring Regularly

If your baby frequently snores, that could be a sign of impaired breathing while they sleep. Take your baby in for a checkup if it continues to occur; doctors can provide solutions on how to clear their airways and prevent snoring, which will result in better sleep.

Now that you have a better understanding of why your baby isn't getting enough sleep at night, you can implement various strategies to improve your child’s sleeping environment. Give your baby the rest they need with Simply Nursery's natural wooden furniture.

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