4 Ways To Make Your Newborn’s Nursery Ergonomic

No matter what pregnancy stage a person is in, there is never a dull moment, from planning the nursery to getting ready to deliver. A lot goes into preparing for a newborn, including ensuring the nursery is functional. Ergonomics is essential for nurseries, as it allows parents to care for their infants without bending and twisting in odd positions. Use these four ways to make your newborn’s nursery ergonomic.

Changing an Infant’s Diaper

Diaper changes happen everywhere. They can occur on the floor, on tables, in the kitchen, and in the nursery. But if you do it anywhere without a changing table, you risk hurting your back from bending over too much. If there comes a time when you don’t have access to a changing table, the next step is to use a changing tray.

The changing tray keeps you from bending over too much. If you or your spouse are tall, the tray helps decrease neck and back strain by elevating your infant so they’re not too low to the ground. These trays are portable, and they come with compartments to store wipes and diapers.

Carrying Your Baby Around

Avoid balancing infants on one hip. Balancing on either hip—or both, if you have twins—puts major strain on the back. Strain leads to injuries, and the best way to avoid this is by carrying your baby with both hands or using a strap-on baby carrier.

The carrier puts less strain on a parent’s body. Keeping the baby centered reduces stress on the spine, so you don’t need to try and adjust your baby while doing tasks around the house. Keep your body healthy by living more ergonomically.

Organizing Nursery Room Essentials

Another way to make your newborn’s nursery ergonomic is sensible storage. Storage that’s flexible and has multiple uses is a wonderful addition to a nursery. Avoid reaching for high surfaces to retrieve an item when you can have an open shelf with cubbies that slide out for convenience.

Shelves keep toys, blankets, books, and diaper-changing essentials more organized. The compartments create a peaceful space, speeding up your morning and night routine. Keep your baby’s room clutter-free with better organization.

Lifting the Baby From the Crib

Cribs come in various styles. But the thing most parents don’t realize is how much strain they’re placing on themselves when they bend down to lift their baby from the crib. Even though the mattress is lowered as your infant gets bigger and heavier, raising your baby could cause back and shoulder strain. Lifting your baby shouldn’t be a workout challenge. It should be an enjoyable task that doesn’t involve bodily tension.

A bedroom shouldn’t be an obstacle course. Simply Nursery aims to add functionality to the nursery by designing stationary cribs to be more functional. Create a better bedroom for your infant by choosing modern nursery furniture built to make babies comfortable as they sleep and parents less stressed when lifting, carrying, and bending. Let’s create sensibility in the nursery; shop online with us today for a great selection of baby furniture.

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