5 Creative Ways To Repurpose a Nursery Chest

5 Creative Ways To Repurpose a Nursery Chest

Designing the nursery is a task that nearly every expectant parent enjoys. From the paint colors to the furniture, there are many things to plan and do before the baby arrives. However, what do you do with it all after your baby grows out of the furniture? You could always repurpose the old nursery furniture, starting with the dresser! Here are five fun and creative ways to repurpose a nursery chest.

Turn the Dresser Into a Kitchen Island

If you have a large kitchen but not enough counter space, turning the dresser into a kitchen island could be the best repurposing project you’ve ever done. Repurposing an old chest of drawers into an island saves money in the long run over gutting your kitchen so you can fit in a kitchen peninsula. Use the drawer bottoms as shelves.

Transform a Nursery Chest Into a Bookshelf

As your child grows, their interest in books might grow as well. Give your kids room to increase their book collection with a transformed bookshelf from an old dresser. Repaint it with a fun color like yellow or blue, and divide the shelves, so there’s room for everyone to place their favorite story. Use wired baskets on the shelves for easier organization.

Make the Chest Into a Bench

Let your kids take a seat before rushing out the door to school. A dresser-turned-bench is the pinnacle of ideas when deciding how to repurpose a nursery chest. The bench not only works for sitting and sorting shoes, scarves, and hats, but it’s completely adaptable and grows with your child as much as other furniture pieces do. Consider adding trim if there are noticeable veneer spots on the wood. Trim not only accentuates the bench, but it covers up any deformities.

Turn It Into a Toy Storage Chest

In the toy room, stories come to life for kids as they explore their creativity skills by talking through their toys. You can make the toy room fun for the kids by turning the old dresser into a toy chest. A wooden toy box costs a lot, but repurposing a dresser can become a fun rehabbing project. If you want the kids to have room underneath the toy box for board games, consider leaving the legs on the bottom of the chest.

Use the Dresser as a Vanity

Every Mom needs a vanity. You don’t need to remove the drawers or hardware, but you’re welcome to revarnish the cabinet to give it a pop of color. Turning the chest of drawers into a vanity gives it a new purpose. Secure the dresser to the wall to avoid tipping.

An essential part of the parenting journey is deciding how to repurpose old nursery furniture after the kids grow up. You can turn it into anything you want, but let’s focus on decorating the nursery first. You can find a modern nursery dresser from Simply Nursery that fits your nursery’s style. Our selection is lively, naturally made, and ready to complete the baby’s room.

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