5 Crib Safety Tips Every New Parent Should Know

5 Crib Safety Tips Every New Parent Should Know

Hey future parents! It’s great to have you here, letting us join you on this exciting new venture. As new parents, it’s essential to have the safest furniture for your infant; this is especially true when it comes to the crib. As you prepare the nursery, learn five of our crib safety tips every new parent should know to provide the utmost security for your baby.

Make Sure the Crib Meets Safety Standards

It’s scary to think that the crib you buy might have a defect that causes it to fall short of specific safety protocols. Baby furniture companies should keep crib designs up to date and make them with the best non-toxic materials, but not all do.

As a result, you need to ensure the safety features can provide a good environment for your baby.

Here are the safety features all cribs need to have:

  • Smooth corner posts
  • No soft toys or bedding
  • A paint color that is non-toxic
  • No drop-sides

Slats Shouldn’t Be Too Wide

The slats are the open sides of a crib. These aren’t the greatest features to have, as your child might get hurt if they’re not careful. So, when purchasing a natural wood baby crib, it’s essential to get one that doesn’t have openings wider than three inches.

No Fluffy Toys or Pillows in the Crib

Every parent loves providing their little one with their first stuffed toys and blankets. However, if you plan to have any plush material or items in the nursery, it’s advised not to leave them in the crib while your child sleeps.

If you do leave toys in the crib overnight or choose a mattress that is too soft, your child will be at risk of suffocation. Do what’s best and avoid placing toys into the bed, especially if the toys are bigger than your child. Always put your baby into an empty crib on their back inside of in a swaddle.

Mobiles Are Only Temporary

Mobiles are a great thing to have, especially when it comes to getting the little one to drift off to sleep easily. However, as your little one grows, they will learn to reach and grab at things; when they hit the five-month mark, take the mobile down.

Get a Mattress That Fits

The best way to tell if a mattress fits is by placing two fingers between the crib’s frame and mattress to see how much room there is. If there’s too much room, your baby might slip between the two, which causes accidents. Pick a mattress that fits just right and won’t slide around.

Your baby deserves the best security features for their room, which is why we have provided these five crib safety tips for new parents to know to help build a better environment.

When designing our nursery sets, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. Simply Nursery provides the right gear needed for every parent to ease into the transition of their new adventure. As you continue to search for the right furniture for your little one, keep safety in the center of everything that you do.

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