5 Safety Pointers To Follow While Using a Changing Table

Mom and Dad, it’s an exciting time for you! You’re welcoming a precious bundle of joy into the world. With the nursery set up, developing a changing routine for when the baby arrives is essential. And as yourbaby grows, you’ll need to implement better safety routines while using your changing table.

Use a Baby-Safe Restraint

The safety features are the first elements to look for in any changing table. And one crucial safety feature is a restraint with buckles. A suitable strap will prevent the baby from rolling over; it should fit the baby without sagging. You can find regular changing tables and separate changing pads, both of which can come with built-in straps. You should also inspect the straps often for tears, snags, and twists to keep baby safe.

Get a Changing Tray to Prevent Roll-Offs

Babies often do a lot better with a wooden changing pad and tray. A pad conforms to the baby’s body, and the sides of the tray secure infants while keeping your essentials organized. A changing tray may be a better choice for your baby because of its functionality and portability.

Organize the Changing Table

Ensure that your diaper-changing supplies are within reach but at a reasonable distance from the baby. A dresser is the best changing table alternative to buy if you need extra space. Take advantage of the drawers if you plan to use a dresser instead of a standard changing table—the drawers will keep everything organized. Additionally, adding things such as dividers, baskets, and trash cans will prevent everything from getting messy.

Keep Baby Focused on You

The important thing about changing diapers is to keep the baby’s attention focused. Too many distractions can invite even more chaos. Try singing or giving your infant a toy to hold their attention throughout the complete diaper change.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions and Warranty

When you’re settling in with your changing table, reading the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty is essential. These two items will help you understand weight limits, what parts you need to attach, and what the warranty protects. Following the safety protocols of any changing table type is essential.

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