5 Tips for Designing a Nursery With Limited Space

Even in the nursery, a small bedroom calls for condensing furniture and decorations. If you’re starting to think about what to buy and trying to find good organization techniques, try out our list of tips for designing a nursery with limited space.

Opt for Smaller Furniture

The biggest thing a parent needs to do for the nursery is to measure it first. Just like you’d measure the living room to fit a furniture set, you should do the same with a bedroom. Since the space is limited, you’ll need to be mindful of the furniture you buy, so opt for smaller furniture.

What Furniture Should You Buy?

Any furniture that’s available in smaller sizes is a good option. Everything from the crib down to the shelving should be compact enough to fit in the room. You should focus on sizing these main items into the bedroom:

  • Crib
  • Dresser
  • Floor shelves
  • Rocking chair
  • Side table

Ditch the Changing Table for a Dresser

You could make every day a lot easier in a small nursery if you ditch the changing table for a dresser. Here’s why: when you have a lot of things you need to store in the baby’s room, like clothes, diapers, and cleaning supplies, you won’t find accessible storage space on a changing table.

A nursery chest of drawers is better because you can easily optimize each drawer to fit what you need, especially the clothes. Just buy dividers and slide them into each drawer to create space for clothes, diapers, and other essentials.

Use Different Storage Strategies

In a compact room, storage is going to be your best friend. You can develop your own organization hacks by using some of these ideas:

  • Use over-the-door shelves.
    • Use adhesive shelves if you live in a rental home.
  • Make room in the closet with storage bins and shelves.
    • Get creative with the shelving by inserting smaller shelves on the sides of the closet and a long ledge above the smaller ones.
  • Use the crib for under-the-bed storage.

Use Bright Colors

From the paint palette to colorful decorations, bright colors can make a room feel bigger and fun to be in all day. Try using colorful rugs, like bright pink and blue, and paint the walls lemon yellow to make the room feel bigger.

Adopt Minimalism

While you can use color, it’s a good idea to adopt minimalism. Being minimal with the baby’s room is the best tip to use when designing small nurseries. Avoid putting up too many decorations as you want the room to give the illusion of being bigger. Make minimalism an ongoing practice to reduce clutter in the nursery.

You’ll love how your nursery turns out by using these tips! Simply Nursery offers its customers a fresh take on setting up a sustainable nursery. With natural wood furniture, you can create a bedroom that grows with your child. Come browse around and find what will complete your nursery.

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