5 Ways To Decorate a Nursery Without Painting It

5 Ways To Decorate a Nursery Without Painting It

Designing the nursery is the best part of the journey into parenthood. As you start to adorn the walls and floors with furniture and other decor, you can find equally suitable ways to decorate a nursery without painting it. Check out our five recommendations below.

A Blackout Curtain

Need to limit the amount of sunshine in the room when you first wake up or go down for a nap? Sometimes a darkened room’s best for adequate sleep. If you want to liven up the space, try blackout curtains with fun colors like blush pink, baby blue, or steel gray.

These curtains are a tool to use if you have trouble finding a good color scheme to work within the bedroom. Utilizing fabrics—such as curtains—adds color to the room and creates attention-grabbing details without the need for paint.

A Wall Decal

You can create unique wall designs by using wall decals. Wall decals can range from fun animal prints to baby names and serene landscapes. The best part? The designs are temporary, and they won’t damage your walls upon removal. So, as your child grows, you can swap out the old design for a newer, more age-appropriate design.


Like the idea of a decal, but want to decorate an entire wall? Try using removable wallpaper!

A Floating Shelf

Shelving, what a fun way to decorate the nursery without painting! The walls might seem bare now, but wait until you add shelves. You’ll love the extra space for changing table essentials!

There are many types of shelves to pick from—our favorite is the floating shelf. These shelves are great because they don’t require the metal prongs that normal shelves use to hitch the frame up—creating a sleeker appearance.


Try placing shelves in different parts of the room—including inside the closet—to store socks, shoes, and the diaper bag.

A Focal Point

You can’t go wrong with having one area that immediately draws attention. By adding a focal point to the nursery, you can define a specific area of the room in which a particular activity happens—such as playtime, nap time, or diaper changing time. Creating a focal point helps to make the nursery feel like a cocoon of exploration and rest for your baby.


To create a baby changing focal point for your nursery, we recommend placing a dresser against the room’s longest wall and decorating it with a table lamp, a nightlight, and a contoured changing pad.

A Corner for Mom and Dad

Mom and dad, they deserve a space, too. Find a good corner of the room—maybe off to the side of the blackout curtains—and set up a spot to rest during reading and feeding times. Parents can grow stronger bonds with their baby when close by. Compliment your lounge or rocking chair with a nursery side table to complete your corner.

You and your baby deserve the best nursery possible. Simply Nursery provides sustainable furniture derived from rehabilitated forests in Brazil. You can decorate and rest easy knowing your furniture is non-toxic and healthy for you and your infant to use. Visit our shop today to start designing the nursery of your dreams.

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