6 Tips for Choosing a Dresser for Your Baby’s Nursery

6 Tips for Choosing a Dresser for Your Baby’s Nursery

Hey, parents-to-be! Once again, we’re excited to see you and tag along on this spectacular journey to becoming parents. Whether it’s your first or second, you may wonder what furniture you need to get. Secondhand furniture is excellent, but furniture more than 10 years old may harm your baby. On the other hand, choosing eco-friendly furniture that can grow with your child is the best choice for baby furnishing. Here is a closer look at six tips for choosing a dresser for your baby’s nursery.


The first thing you need to consider is the function of the dresser. Unfortunately, there aren’t dressers with coffee cup holders—yet!—but there are many options available to you with much-needed storage space and space for removable pieces, such as a changing tray.

A dresser is supposed to function well with deep drawers that help dividers stay inside. Deeper drawers allow extra room for additional items you’ve accumulated since the baby shower.

Dressers offer other functions, such as having a flat base to place a changing tray and storage bins for better organization. If you want something that grows with your kids, a dresser that doesn’t have a built-in tray looks less like it’s for an infant’s room.


The material you select won’t severely affect your nursery, but some materials contain unseen toxins, which can hurt your child’s health. While making a list of materials you would like to have in a dresser, here is one material that is better to use than heavily processed products like metal or plastic.

Solid Wood

Compared to chests made of harmful plastics and toxins that cause unappealing odors in the baby’s room, solid wood is the better choice. You want to have authority over the room’s safety in the nursery. Having an opinion on what materials belong in your child’s bedroom is a part of safety mindfulness. Wood is a better option because it can go through processes that allow pieces to be reused for other things, such as baby furniture.

The best and safest material for dressers is solid wood because many manufacturers follow eco-friendly regulations that prevent them from using harmful toxins on the wood. Many businesses selling natural chests of drawers made from wood use the best manufacturing processes that meet all Greengaurd requirements.


The other thing you need to think about is size. There are a couple of techniques for measuring the dresser’s area. If you aren’t sure what the room size is, avoid buying a dresser until you measure the layout.

For example, if you had to measure space for the crib, you would use a measuring tape to determine the height of the wall, which tells you what size crib you need. You would also measure the ground to find the best length.

You can apply the same strategy to find a dresser that fits, but the newspaper method is the best way to figure out what you need. The newspaper technique helps build a layout of what each furniture piece would look like in the room.

To do the newspaper method, place a few pieces around the area where you’d like to put the dresser. The newspapers act as a measuring tool to find the size and length of the right dresser you need. For example, if the newspapers take up too much space, you can either move furniture around or go for a smaller chest of drawers. Sometimes smaller is better, especially if you plan to change the room into a playroom in the future.


Style is another thing you can check off the list with the right dresser. Sometimes, parents have a hard time picking a style that works because many of the themes will grow boring after a year or so, and children likely won’t want the dresser.

The best dresser comes in a simple finish and doesn’t go out of style. When selecting a dresser, focus on the nursery’s color palette—if it’s neutral, select natural wood or a neutral color. Neutral tones fit nearly every room, and the colors grow with your child.


The dresser a person buys shouldn’t contain toxins or be poorly made. Some manufacturers favor faster production methods, which creates problems with obtaining resources and hurts the environment.

The company you choose to purchase from needs to care about their processes rather than how much they can produce in one or two months. Construction is what matters most. Production practices give manufacturers the Greenguard Gold Certification to show their products are well-made and tested thoroughly.

Why Wooden Nursery Furniture

Wooden nursery furniture is the best choice for your nursery because it’s a renewable energy source and meets regulations for state and national safety standards for children. To help improve production processes, Simply Nursery uses wood for their nursery furniture because it’s natural and cuts down on the use of greenhouse gases.

There are other reasons to choose wooden baby furniture for the baby’s room: timeless elegance and versatile choices.

Timeless Elegance

A piece of furniture that grows with the family means a lot, especially if you’d like to use the piece in other rooms. A wooden dresser adds a lot to a room, including a look that doesn’t defy time but rather channels a timeless sophistication that brightens any space.

Versatile Choices

Wood is better for the environment and for your infant’s bedroom. From balsam wood to cherry, the wood you pick provides a necessary elegance that makes time stand still for a moment, allowing you to take each part of the room in. Some chests come in a variety of wood choices.

There’s more to discover when deciding if a wooden dresser is suitable for the nursery. Babies grow fast, but their furniture does not. All wooden furniture sets make the nursery healthier for your child to learn and grow, especially a natural wooden dresser that does not decay or require daily maintenance.

It’s time to make your dream nursery sustainably come to life. Simply Nursery produces wooden nursery furniture sets that are convertible, elegant, and eco-friendly. Produced from natural pine wood in Brazil’s forests, Simply Nursey’s furniture is organically-made, sustainable, and timeless. Browse Simply Nursery’s website for the best baby room furniture sets for your nursery.

6 Tips for Choosing a Dresser for Your Baby’s Nursery

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