7 Ways To Style Your Baby Girl’s Nursery

Every nursery has a different design, and every proud parent wants something special for their little girl. Anyone putting the finishing touches on their infant’s room might feel compelled to return to the drawing board for more ideas on how to style their child’s room. If you’re eager to explore more design options, check out these seven ways to style your baby girl’s nursery.

Pretty Pink Bows

Every nursery needs a little pink added to the color palette. For your baby girl, she only gets the best! Try out bows if you’ve decided on a theme but want something else to accentuate the nursery. Whether loral or sporting a simple design, these delicate pink bows blend in perfectly while contributing to the room’s theme.

These bows can go around the room’s walls and onto spaces that will remain out of the baby’s reach. They look especially cute when attached to the curtains. Make sure the placement doesn’t look sparse—if you only place a bow in a back corner, it might look off. Instead, slide an ottoman in the corner beneath the bow to give the space a sense of purpose.

Wooden House Shelf

It might not be the dreamhouse for your daughter’s dolls, but it does make an adorable addition to the bedroom that’s especially useful for organizing. Sometimes having unconventional décor pieces can bring out the best in a nursery, and a wooden house shelf is an excellent choice for accomplishing this.

After putting the shelf up, place small decorative items on the top shelf, shoes on the bottom, or a jar of combs and hair accessories on the middle ledge. Whatever you place on it, it’s going to be useful and look amazing.

Wall Stickers

Many parents adore wall stickers. It’s much easier to decide on wall decals than paint color, mostly because you can adapt your sticker choice to any paint color you already have. Plus, they come in the cutest designs. Wall stickers add an individualized touch that you can even implement later so long as it’s a style your child continues to enjoy as they grow.

If you want to know the best wall decals to buy that do grow with your child, try out these:

  • Floral
  • Wildlife
  • Their first name
  • City skylines

Sheer Curtains

Try sheer curtains if you want to add something a little more delicate to the space. Sheer curtains are soft, and they filter out the harsh morning sunlight. These curtains come in an assortment of colors, allowing you to add pops of color or a neutral, grounding shade to the space.

Other Nursery Curtain Ideas To Try

If sheer curtains aren’t your style, there are ways to dress this décor staple up. Try out these nursery curtain ideas for inspiration:

  • Patterned curtains
  • Solid color curtains
  • Blackout curtains

If you have blinds, adding a curtain creates a layered focal point that makes the room look elegant. It also helps to darken the room, which can help your baby sleep more peacefully.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are beneficial in any part of the house, but when placed in the nursery, they serve as an especially useful decorative piece. No matter where it’s at, the wicker basket can work perfectly as an extra laundry basket, toy bin, or trash bin for diaper changes.

Wicker baskets are one of the best additions to a nursery space because they’re a natural fit. They can make cleaning easier and less stressful while offering a textural element to the space. With its versatility, there’s no reason not to get a wicker basket for the nursery.

Side Tables

Side tables aren’t just for storing things and making room to place your cup of coffee and phone every morning; they’re customizable and vital additions to the space. If you want to personalize your nursery end table, place a table cover you love over the base. This touch of fabric offers extra protection from spills and damage.

The side table’s an excellent fit because it grows with your child and adapts to every room change. As you work on styling your baby girl’s nursery, incorporating an end table is an essential step. It’s durable and contributes to a beautiful bedroom.

Cultural Art Pieces

Every small family with mixed cultural backgrounds should use artwork to represent their heritage in the nursery. No matter where you or your spouse comes from, having something to represent your cultural heritage connects you and your children in many ways. Additionally, as your child grows, they learn more about their family’s traditions.

Consider using familiar patterns, paintings, folklore, or traditions to build out the cultural representation of the space. Functional items such as blankets can also serve to tell your family’s story. These elements can encourage your growing girl to ask questions about her roots, offering moms an opportunity to delve into their favorite family stories.

Tips for Decorating the Nursery on a Budget

To make the best nursery on a budget, start off small. Don’t think about adding any big items until you configure the trivial details. The small elements include rugs, curtains and rods, and wall decals. These details don’t create the biggest impact, but they can still make a difference.

Additionally, you should find ways to avoid spending money in places you don’t need to. Follow these tips for better spending:

  • Consider DIYing furniture and decorations.
  • Add all necessities onto the baby shower wish list.
  • Shop sales, especially at discount stores.
  • If you have a lot of toys, use them as décor.

Create a Sustainable Nursery for Your Baby Girl

Every nursery starts with the design goal of creating a welcoming, functional, and sustainable environment for a parent and child. If you have looked high and low for more ideas on how to style your daughter’s room, you’ve found all you need with Simply Nursery.

At Simply Nursery, our furniture is made from renewable forests in Brazil and ships internationally to all expecting parents. Our crafters hone their skills by taking their time designing sustainable furniture sets that last a long time and pull the nursery theme together. Start browsing our site for ideas on creating a sustainable nursery.

7 Ways To Style Your Baby Girl’s Nursery

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