8 Best Nursery Ideas for Your Newborn Twins

Oh, baby—times two! We’re happy to see you planning your future twin’s nursery. If you want to make it the best space possible, you need some ideas and suggestions for creating a twin nursery. Peruse eight of the best nursery ideas for your newborn twins and a few tips on how to start this process.

Things To Do When Creating a Twin Nursery

You need an open mind and some creative inspiration to start the process of setting up a bedroom for twins. However, there are some practical things to think about first, such as buying two of everything. While it is OK to buy two cribs, it’s not really the best idea to buy the same thing for both kids. Here is what else you should know before tackling the nursery.

Avoid Buying Two of Everything Outright

Cribs are completely fine to buy two of, as is the case with some outfits; however, there are limits. For instance, if you have fraternal twins—commonly, boy and girl—it’s OK to use the same changing table for both babies. You save more money by not buying two of everything. If you want a list of acceptable items to buy two of, here are some common examples of situations to consider.

  • Outfits: Yes, identical clothes are fine to buy, but keep in mind that as twins grow up, they won’t be as alike as you might think. Double up on onesies, burp cloths, and sleepers for now.
  • Car seats: One crib or changing table is fine, but infants need their own car seats for safety purposes.
  • Baby food: Babies go through snacks, baby food, and formula or breast milk fast. You can usually tell what your babies like based on how they react to a snack, food, or formula. Craft both infants a personalized bin of ingredients that they love.
  • Baby monitor cameras: Cameras are better than traditional baby monitors, as they track movement and sound simultaneously. You’ll sleep better knowing you can see and hear your infants without leaving the room.

Plan Out the Nursery Early

The nursery takes time to prepare, no matter how many babies you’re expecting. Technology has become smarter, and expecting parents are finding out earlier than usual if they’re having multiples, giving them more time to plan ahead. You can start now, but avoid doing any heavy work after the third trimester.

Give Each Side of the Nursery Its Own Personality

It’s essential for each side of the room to have its own personality, even for boy-girl sets of twins. Giving the bedroom two different personalities helps you define the twins in unique ways. You can use color palettes, nursery themes, and outfit styles to distinguish between the two sides. If you are ready to create a unique nursery for the twins, look at some of the best nursery ideas we’re obsessed with for twins below.

Add an Accent Wall for More Style

Accomplishing two separate personas in the nursery is possible; just focus on accent walls instead of different paint color palettes. An accent wall is one of our favorite styling options, and it makes for an excellent feature for the twins to use as they grow up. They can use this area to put up their decorations, trophies, and other things that define them.

Instead of paint, try picking out gender-neutral wallpaper or wall tiles to transform the space. You don’t need to overwhelm the space with multiple pieces of furniture; the room will pull itself together with a personalized, stylish wall to place the cribs against.

Convert Unused Space for More Room

If your home has unused space, and that small office converted into a bedroom isn’t going to work, try out the bigger-sized room instead. A space like an attic or den could be ideal, especially if there is enough square footage to eventually section each area off with a wall for privacy as your kids grow up. Converted space ups your property value, too.

Add Bigger Furniture To Stay Within Reach of Both Babies

Instead of a rocking chair, add a couch so that you can reach both babies from the comfort of the room’s seating. A sofa is a fantastic addition because it is cozy, adds a touch of style, and grows with the kids. Also, it does everything a standard chair would do while giving you more room to sit and lie down with your little ones, including space for your partner too.

Use Soft Pastels and Neutral Tones

OK, we can’t get enough of using color in the nursery, especially neutral tones. There has always been something about mint green meshed with egg-white stripes that makes the room complete and fun to work with for both genders. Paint colors also help set a tone, so if you want something relaxing and fun, you might go with yellow and white. If you want to give the space more character while keeping it relaxing, a shade of purple could set the tone.

Let’s Get Storage-Savvy

There are so many clothes and toys, and such little space for everything! Let’s get creative with storage for the twins. Buying for two adds up financially, so you may need to get creative with putting things away. For example, the closet is where you’d store clothes, but how do you separate it all?

Utilize storage cubbies, pop-up shelves that move and expand when you need extra room, and drop-hangers. These items keep everything organized, ensuring you can quickly access clothes, toys, and diapers.

Add a Personal Touch of Parent Energy

The parents need their personal touch as well. If you’re considering an accent wall, this personal touch would work with anything else you have planned. Consider putting up photos of you, your partner, and your twins, followed by messages from friends and family eager to meet your precious bundles of joy.

Work With the Crib Placement

Placing your cribs might be the hardest part, mostly because you have limited space. You might find it best it place the cribs in the middle of the room, as it can make the areas near the walls feel bigger. Additionally, your babies are the focal point of the room, so it could also be a good idea to place the cribs in the center.

Go Au Naturel With Baby Furniture

The baby furniture you buy should be sustainable and free of toxins. Every parent should be mindful of where they purchase furniture for their twins. Before buying from a brand-name furniture company, consider your options and read the product information.

The information a company puts out to describe the process of making their furniture is vital, as their process might involve toxic chemicals that speed up the assembly process. If you’re searching for a high-quality, safe solution, look to Simply Nursery; our furniture is handmade with you and the baby in mind.

Every part of the baby furniture bundle set is made from renewable forests in Brazil and does not go through any chemical process. Browse our online shop for more eco-friendly, sustainable furniture for your nursery.

8 Best Nursery Ideas for Your Newborn Twins

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