A Brief History of the Baby Crib

A Brief History of the Baby Crib

Baby cribs are so crucial to the modern nursery design that it’s almost impossible to believe that they haven’t always been. In fact, prior to the 20th century, cribs, as we know them, didn’t even exist. Here is a brief history of the baby crib and its evolution into the reliable nursery item we know it to be today.

The First Cribs

Parents have always laid their babies down in bundles of cloth or even baskets. However, the invention of the first crib-like structure didn’t take place until between the 1600s and 1800s. Even then, people used hollowed-out logs for this purpose, and rarely did they cradle a newborn for a full night. Parents would more often have their child sleep in bed with them as a way to ensure their safety from the potentially frigid nights. Nonetheless, these log-cribs were popular options for soothing a fussy child or rocking them to sleep.

Bassinets and Baby Cages

By the early 1900s, parents sought new options to keep their babies off the cold, hard ground at night. This need gave rise to the first raised crib options, like the wicker models. Though they certainly did the trick, they weren’t sturdy enough to keep a child contained without supervision, so the wicker crib quickly became portable bassinets. Baby cages were also common at this time, but they still lacked the security that parents wanted.

Modern Crib Models

It wasn’t until the 1950s that cribs started to resemble modern ones, but there still weren’t any safety guidelines in place for their manufacturing process. Because of this, these products were prone to breaking, and parents, as a result, would rarely use them. As such, when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission developed the first crib safety standards in 1973, it was truly a pivotal moment in the history of the baby crib.

From that point on, manufacturers began to produce higher-quality cribs for use in homes across the country, as well as many other products that attempted to make them more portable. Still, to this day, few things have proven to be more effective in a nursery as a carefully assembled, solid-wood crib.

Based on this history, it’s no secret that the modern crib is an essential item in any nursery. For this reason, we at Simply Nursery seek to provide only the best possible products to excited expecting parents. Our beautifully-crafted, natural wood baby cribs are sturdy, safe, and reliable—making them the best option for your baby’s sleeping needs.

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