A Guide to Convertible Baby Cribs

Congrats, you’re pregnant and are about to embark on the most magical years of your life! One of which is helping you buy the right crib. Selecting a crib is a much different process now than in the old days. Back in the day, pregnant women would usually receive hand-me-downs of baby furniture, including cribs.

During that time, not many knew what to look for when it came time to using or buying a crib for their future child. Nowadays, we can look at different resources to help navigate and find the right crib for you and your baby.

What To Look For

With you and your baby in mind, we offer a number of benefits to look out for to find the right crib. You will hear different advice on finding the best fit. However, the best crib is one that will be the right dimensions, which is typically twenty-eight by fifty-two inches.

Safety is another feature to keep in mind when buying the proper bed for your infant. It goes without saying that parents need to find a crib that meets all safety requirements and passes the regulations needed to provide the baby with a safe, high-quality sleep space.

Types of Cribs

You will want to invest in an excellent convertible crib not only because it will save you money but also because it’s eco-friendly. Luckily, there are all-natural wood cribs made by Simply Nursery that will exceed your expectations as you search for the right crib for your new addition.

The all-natural convertible cribs by Simply Nursery feature superior quality and versatility as they accommodate your growing baby. We at Simply Nursery pride ourselves on providing many new parents, like yourself, with the right type of crib. Aside from our convertible cribs, we also offer portable beds and round and sleigh cribs. Although each is a great option, the convertible cribs deliver unparalleled adaptability as your child progresses from stage to stage.

Another thing to remember is to consider a crib’s longevity and knowing how long you will need it. Many young children will spend at least the first twenty-four months of life in their cribs. We hope this guide to convertible cribs has provided you with a sound framework as you embark on your quest for the perfect night’s rest for your baby.

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