Buying Used for Your Baby: What’s Okay and What’s Not?

Buying Used for Your Baby: What’s Okay and What’s Not?

Resale shops may have used furniture pieces that are just right for you, parent-to-be. However, the biggest concern with used baby products is that they’re not always up to date on safety regulations. Many furniture pieces in thrift stores might not be appropriate, especially if the item is more than 10 years old.

You’re looking for furniture that fits your budget and won’t become a safety hazard in the nursery. Here’s everything you need to know about buying used furniture for your baby.

Never Buy These Items

Get a notebook and pen and jot down these reasons you should never buy a used crib or car seat. It’s not only because of safety issues; the materials used may be toxic and could be illegal to use in current manufacturing processes.


Cribs are known to have stringent safety requirements. Finding the right one can be intimidating, especially when you’re unsure what to look for. Some people might try to sway your opinion and suggest buying used anyways because you’ll be able to purchase replacement parts later.

It is okay to buy new parts, but many crib companies are defunct or no longer carry certain models if they’re more than 10 years old. Companies all over create new, updated non-toxic cribs to meet federal standards. In addition, purchasing a used mattress is a no-no. It’s not just unsanitary, but the pad material degrades over time, so you’ll need to replace it sooner.

Car Seats

Car seats are another thing you should never buy used. Many companies provide a timeline of how long a car seat lasts before it’s time to buy a new one. Most car seats last six to eight years. Several models are coming out with new features, so research what’s available now and buy a new one within your budget.

Be Cautious of These Used Items

It’s best to be wary of buying used items for sanitary and safety reasons. Ask sellers about the quality and the item’s age before purchasing.

Other Furniture

Other furniture is hit or miss. You have an idea of how you want the nursery to look—you may even have furniture from when you were a child that you want to use. However, it’s important to remain cautious of the quality. For example, a used dresser may have chipped paint or evident defects, such as wobbliness.

When you shop for items, check that they are in good condition. If there’s a strange odor, it tips easily, or the paint’s chipped, it’s better to pass on the item for your child’s safety. In cases where you need to mount a dresser or bookshelf, you can purchase mounting tools at hardware stores.


Like car seats, strollers are best bought brand new. Follow federal safety guidelines to ensure your child’s safety when in use. Here are some things to look for in a good quality stroller:

  • Convertibility
  • Light frame
  • Has brakes
  • Made by a certified company

Buy These Items Used

Some things are okay to buy used. Items like clothes and baby toys are cleaned before being sold in a resale shop. Although they are sanitized before being placed on the shelf, it’s good to do one more thorough cleaning after buying.


Clothing is one of the better items to buy used. Many secondhand stores sell used baby clothing. It’s beneficial to buy secondhand clothing since your baby will grow fast. Also, buying used reduces the amount of plastic used.

Baby Toys

Plastic and wooden toys are okay to buy used. To clean plastic toys, soak them in a soapy, warm bath for 20 minutes. Then, let them dry outside. Secondhand toys are often better to help you learn what your child likes before buying new.

Tips for Shopping Secondhand

There are a few things to note before buying used furniture. Check for sale dates and know your options.

Check Sale Dates

When buying secondhand, some stores might not have a sale date record. If you research the brand and model yourself, you can typically find similar items. However, if you find a crib from 2008, it’s likely a bad product with many safety defects.

Look for a Valid Warranty

Many resellers hold onto the warranty but sometimes forget when it expires. When shopping for used furniture, ask about the warranty. Double-check that the service contract is still valid and there are replacement parts available.

Take Your Shopping Online

There are many outlets to explore when buying used for your child. Online shopping can tell you a lot about a product and a manufacturer’s best practices. Before you add to cart, take a look at different shops and list your best options.

Why Handmade Baby Furniture Is the Best

Some believe handmade furniture is way out of their price range. But handcrafted items are the best products to buy. The craftsmanship and quality of handmade furniture are unmatched compared to other materials, including plastic.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Many nursery furniture artisans regard quality over quantity. A craftsman takes the time to perfect their process and often only uses reclaimed wood or other raw materials. Many crib makers use processes that meet national and federal regulations and ensure the warranty covers everything a new parent needs.

Unlimited Customization

You can customize handcrafted furniture. A personalized furniture piece will grow with your infant, and you can reuse it. This is truly the greatest aspect of customization for the nursery.

Simply Nursery provides its customers with exactly this—we give you the creative liberty to design a personal nursery for your little one.

Resell Value

It’s still okay to buy used furniture for your baby’s nursery, but you should know handcrafted furniture has a higher resell value. Every piece is carefully designed with natural materials to meet your needs.

Honest Makers

Buying handcrafted means transparency—that’s what we do. You can shop anywhere, but the best way to get to a non-toxic nursery is to buy from someone who bypasses wholesalers and importers. You need a craftsman that has made a green promise to reuse raw materials that don’t emit toxins.

It’s essential to build your child’s room with furniture that lasts and has a high resale value. Take the time to look over Simply Nursery’s website for the best handmade wooden furniture pieces for your child’s room. As a transparent company, we provide you with items tailored to you and promise value for years to come.

Buying Used for Your Baby: What’s Okay and What’s Not?

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