Diaper Changing Basics for New Parents

Despite all the planning and preparations new parents do before they bring their baby home, many still aren’t fully ready to take on the challenge of changing their first diaper. While this task might be simple to seasoned adults, there are a lot of things to remember and some very important steps to include in the process. Otherwise, your baby risks developing a painful rash or even an infection. To ensure your newborn is always clean and healthy, make sure you’re aware of these diaper changing basics for new parents.

Purchase a Quality Changing Table

Your nursery’s changing table is where you’ll be doing the bulk of your baby’s care. It needs to be high enough for you to see what you’re doing and secure enough to keep your wriggling child from falling out. For this reason, it’s best to purchase a model that uses stronger materials. Natural wood changing trays are much more durable than plastic alternatives, and since they’re heavier, they’re better at staying in place.

Store All Necessary Supplies Within Reach

It’s crucial as well that you keep all your changing supplies within arm’s reach of your changing table. While this is probably something you considered during the nursery design process, you may find that you need to rearrange certain things now that you’re actually performing the task. Some crucial items to fill this area with are clean diapers, cotton balls, warm water for washing, washcloths, creams or ointments, and clean clothes.

Know How To Prevent Diaper Rash

A list of diaper changing basics for new parents also wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the importance of preventing diaper rash. This condition develops along a child’s sensitive areas when their skin is in direct contact with their own excrement for prolonged periods. It can be incredibly painful and may last for several days in severe cases. Because of this, you’ll want to keep this from occurring by changing their diapers often and ensuring the baby is clean before putting a new one on.

Keep One Hand on Your Baby During Changes

Another tip to help build your confidence during your first few changes is to place one hand on your baby during the process. This action allows you to keep your newborn in place while reaching for one of your supplies. It also acts as a way to establish a bond with them through a constant and loving touch. With this technique, you have the reassurance that they’re safe in the few seconds your eyes are off of them and the satisfaction that goes along with your first successful diaper change.

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