Different Nursery Nook Ideas for Your Newborn


When you live in a small space, you need to realize that you can’t get as many things for the nursery as you’d like. However, it’s still possible to decorate every nook and cranny of the baby’s room. Here are the different nursery nook ideas to think about using for your newborn.

Spotlighting the Crib With Wall Decorations

Even though the crib is the focal point of a nursery, it needs to have some decorations to fill in the space and bring it all together. When pushing the crib toward the alcove, ensure it doesn’t touch the adjacent wall. When it sits at the center of the corner space of a room, it leaves just enough room to squeeze in and install shelving on the wall. To help bring the nook more character, consider adding colorful wallpaper.

Spreading the Cuteness With an Open Wardrobe

So the nook might be a little tight, but it still can become something. You just need to do a little brainstorming, ‘tis all! If you are currently overflowing with clothes or seasonal outfits, you might find it helpful to use that space as an open wardrobe. The open wardrobe separates everything from size to season, leaving less to do when switching winter outfits out for spring.

Sprinkle in Cozy With a Dash of Sweetness

Save yourself from a drabby faux pas nursery to one with lots of coziness. A nursery needs to have comfortable elements for a relaxed vibe. While setting up the nook with a comfy chair and a pillow matching the sunshine your infant brings on every cloudy day, balance the space with a side table. A nursery side table gives parents extra room to place their things while caring for the baby.

Storing Toys and Baby Essentials in New Ways

The thing to think smartly about most is where you put all the toys. Since you accumulate tons as your child grows, you need to think creatively about storing and condensing. If there are enough slanted corners, or areas where nothing can fit right, consider changing it into toy storage spaces. Use wooden crates, as it makes the room look put together. You can do this and so much more to your nursery room nook. Get inventive with your nursery nook space with these fun ideas!

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