Different Types of Nursery Side Tables for Your Home

Different Types of Nursery Side Tables for Your Home

Mama, we have been waiting for you! If you’re struggling to set up the baby room, we have you covered. As you narrow down your list, there’s one thing you’re still deciding on: the nursery side table.

Mama, you want something that functions and looks great next to the crib, but you desire furniture that transitions from room to room. Let’s get started by looking over the different types of nursery side tables for your home. We will review your options.

Dual-Storage Tower

Organization is difficult with a new little one, but it’s not impossible. You likely want something that has wide storage containers that slide easily.

A dual-storage tower is a suitable choice for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to match nightstands or want an accent table to use once your little one grows out of their room.

Additionally, the top of the tower has enough room to fit all of your amenities for the baby. Before you shop for a storage tower, make sure to measure the space in which you plan to place it. That way, the drawer fits.

Wooden Side Table

Wood is the best and most eco-friendly material you could use for the nursery, especially since many manufacturers opt for more sustainable methods when creating wooden furnishings.

Overall, the materials you pick should be new, especially if you’re worried about dangerous chemicals harming your infant. A modern nursery side table can last a long time and even grow with your child.

Multi-Use End Table

A table that can change from room to room is all you need, mama. That’s why you need a multi-use end table with two shelves for easy storage that’s compact enough to fit in any tiny space.

The end table works for every room and looks darling in the baby’s space. The shelves help a great deal when you’re juggling the breast pump, pacifiers, and your morning coffee.


Dressers are great because they're multifunctional. You can use one as a changing table and as a means of storage. Busy mamas love nursery dressers because they help keep all diaper-changing necessities in the same place.

Simply Nursery wants you to feel right about every purchase choice you make. When you purchase nursery side tables from our site, you buy high-quality products made with sustainable materials. Continue exploring our site for more eco-friendly products.

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