Dos and Don’ts When Designing Your Own Nursery

Dos and Don’ts When Designing Your Own Nursery

Your nursery is nearly perfect, but you still need to ensure that each element you add can grow with your child and lasts for years to come. There are, however, things you need to avoid when creating the nursery. Here’s our list of the dos and don’ts when designing your own nursery.

Do: Choose a Simple Theme or Style

You aren’t always limited in what we can use with your style choice. For instance, you can focus on gender-neutral themes like a safari or beach. However, try to narrow down your themes or styles based on a color scheme or an animal.

Don’t: Babyproof Everything at the Last Minute

Don’t wait until the day before your due date to babyproof the room and your home. When you begin your plans to make the nursery, mark areas in the room that you want babyproofed; that way, you don’t need to scramble at the last minute.

Do: Add Furniture That Grows With Your Child

The great thing about furniture is that it can grow with your child, especially modern baby furniture. The equipment never needs replacing as your children grow. The best furniture to invest in includes gear that can convert into different bed styles as your child grows.

Don’t: Wait To Stock Up on Necessities

As the nursery comes together, your next step is to stock up on the necessary equipment to help you get through the first few months with your newborn. Also, ensure that the changing table you purchase comes with drawers to help keep everything within arm’s reach.

Here’s what you need to keep on your changing table:

  • Onesies
  • Diapers
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Lotion
  • Pacifier

These items help keep every diaper change stress-free. Also, don’t forget to keep a side table near the crib so that you have the baby’s toys, books, and your coffee on hand at all times.

Do: Buy Items When You Need Them

As your child grows, it’s important not to overindulge in buying things for the nursery. You should only purchase age-appropriate items and buy other things when your baby gets older. For example, your child shouldn’t have a candle burning in their room due, as it could create a dangerous situation. Save the candles for when your child is old enough to appreciate them.

Don’t: Buy Too Many Things

It’s fun buying for the baby. However, we need to control our spending and ensure there’s room for the little one. If you do happen to have a lot of stuffed animals, consider making an old office into a playroom and placing them in that area instead.

Decorating the baby’s room is a task that’s always fun. However, there are many dos and don’ts when designing your own nursery. So, keep the room simple and do your best to decorate the nursery.

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