Easter Decoration in the Kids' Room


Easter is one of the times of the year when religious events are remembered, but is also very favorable to give the kids special moments. Some ways of doing that are known by all of us, like egg hunting. But have you ever thought of surprising the kids with an Easter-themed decoration in their bedroom?

Applying these decor tips is especially easy if you have our Solid Wood Bunk Bed. Their design, which resembles a tree house, brings nature and fun into the bedroom, while creating a cozy and safe space that is perfect for any theme.

You can call them and say that the Easter Bunny dropped by and left many surprises in their room. What surprises would those be? Check out the tips on how to prepare them below.

1. Use our Market Box Shelves as Easter Baskets 

Our more than versatile Market Box Shelves are perfect to hold gifts, candy, chocolate and typical Easter items

 2. Match the colors to the furniture

We cared to demonstrate how the colors used in the decoration can complement each of the finish options in our bunk beds: Rustic Hazelnut and Rustic White.

The decoration for the Hazelnut bunk bed is warmer. The wood color and items picked create a more traditional and cozier environment. Whereas the one in the Rustic White version is minimalistic, delicate and soothing. Which is your favorite?

 3. DIY crafts are easy to do and add value

Keep the kids busy and help develop their motor skills - while adding unique pieces to the room - by having them make handcrafts.

We used butcher paper to make these cute bunnies, but you can let your imagination take wings to save money and add a personal touch to the room.

Dying eggshells is a memorable tradition that you can’t go wrong with.

 4. Integrate natural materials

Besides the typical straw in the baskets, you can have wicker and grassy objects, creating a proximity with nature that promotes warmth and relaxation.

5. Don’t forget the chocolate and candy!

Do you think the Easter Bunny would have done all of that and forgotten the sweets? The children definitely haven’t!

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