Essential Things to Keep in Your Nursery Table

During those first few months of life, your little one will poop and pee consistently. So, you need the essentials to help get you started, and that’s what you can receive with our outstanding nursery tables. When shopping for the right baby nursery table, it's essential to get an eco-friendly side table with storage space. That way, you can keep personal items and baby essentials organized. Simply Nursery provides baby nursery furniture made from natural bamboo. Equip your baby with eco-friendly products when deciding what to do for the nursery, especially when searching for the essential things to keep in your nursery table.


Diapers are essential to add to your nursery table, especially ones in plastic packaging. The plastic comes as a bonus for your nursery table as diapers become easier to stack. On the other hand, diapers are easier to grab since they're within arm's reach of your changing table.


Aside from diapers, you'll need to have wipes on hand and around the room at all times. They’re essential in any new mother’s arsenal. From spit-ups to diaper changes and crumbs, wipes will become a daily part of your routine. As such, it’s essential to store them at the nursery table.

First Aid Kit and Nail Clippers

Now that you have a portable first aid kit and nail clippers on your nursery table, you won’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt. Having the first aid kit throughout your munchkin's first few years will help you take care of their basic hygiene. From taking their temperature to clipping their nails and giving them medicine, providing for them will be easier than ever now everything’s organized.

Mom Zone

Sometimes we need our own space, and that's okay. The greatest part about having a nursery table for your bundle of joy is that it can also store important things for you to use in your “mom zone.” A mom zone is any secluded area where you can get some quiet time. Some essential things to keep in your nursery table should include an organizer with a mix of healthy snacks to eat, magazines, a Bluetooth speaker, and a bottle of water.

Babies need a nurturing and organized environment to help them grow up. Keep a nursery table in mind for essential things such as snacks and extra storage for diapers and pacifiers. Get your new pipsqueak ready with all baby nursery table essentials and much more through Simply Nursery.

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