Helping Your Pregnant Loved One Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every pregnant woman’s expectations of what life would be like before bringing her child into the world. Your pregnant loved one may have been excited to pick out a name, decorate the nursery with furniture from Simply Nursery, and get all of her friends together for the baby shower. But now, she may be worried about her wellbeing and her family’s future in light of the pandemic. If you’re wondering how you can show her your support, these resources cover plenty of helpful tips.


Your loved one has likely had to cancel special events because of the pandemic. Here’s how you can still bring everyone together to celebrate her pregnancy.

• Hosting a baby shower in person is not the safest idea, but you could help your loved one throw a virtual baby shower instead!

• Pitch in with your loved one’s efforts as she plans a virtual gender reveal - it’s time to get the pink and blue background decor ready.

• If your friend has had to cancel her maternity or newborn photoshoots, share some tips for a DIY photo session and offer to edit her favorite images./font>


Whether your loved one is considering a home birth or hospital birth, you can be a sounding board as she makes her plans.

• Is your loved one thinking about giving birth at home? Offer to listen if she needs to weigh the pros and cons with someone.

• Your loved one may be in the process of choosing a midwife - recommend any qualified individuals you may know!

• If your loved one is anxious about giving birth in a hospital, research the current health and safety protocols with her.



Your loved one has probably had an exceptionally stressful pregnancy, so don’t be afraid to spoil her! 

• Before the little one arrives, pick out some cute and functional nursery furniture and give it to your loved one!

• If you know that a stylish outfit would be a great pick-me-up for your friend, surprise her with cozy maternity clothes.

• When your loved one is at the hospital, send a postpartum gift basket over full of things every new mom needs.

• Giving a Costco membership will make it easy for your loved one to stock her growing family’s pantry on a budget.

The past few months have been an exceptionally difficult time for pregnant women. Suddenly, countless women have had to adjust their plans for pregnancy and childbirth. Turn to Simply Nursery for handy resources like these so you can make life a little easier for your pregnant loved one.


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