How Can You Make Your Nursery Eco-Friendly?

How Can You Make Your Nursery Eco-Friendly?

Creating the nursery is the most thrilling part of the pregnancy journey. From theme planning to buying decorations and furniture, there are plenty of things to look forward to doing. The hardest part may be figuring out how to make a nursery eco-friendly. Follow our guide to find out how we made sense of this nursery design idea.

Always Read the Labels

Growing up, you may have had furniture that made you sick from the paint or chemicals used to manufacture your parent’s baby gear. Over the last ten years, published articles cited bans for chemicals used in baby furniture manufacturing.

Since the ban, more companies have analyzed their warehouses and eliminated harmful toxins from their processes. For most companies, that meant slowing down production, so no harmful compounds were used to quicken the process.

Nowadays, the labels you find on boxes or descriptions on product pages provide details on the product’s contents or ingredients and if it’s eco-friendly. You should always read product labels, as anything listed could harm your infant.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

How can you make your nursery eco-friendly? The first thing you need is multi-purpose furniture. A furniture piece with more than one use is better. Besides reading product labels, you should invest your time in researching custom, handmade furniture.

Custom handmade goods last significantly longer than furniture made with harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A modern nursery side table is a good, multi-purpose item to buy for your child’s room that you can still use as they grow. A side table is perfect for holding cups, baby toys, bottles, and other items when caring for your infant.

Look for VOC-Free Paint

Paint can be harmful. A long time ago, lead was a popular compound used in paint because of its affordability and durability. However, it is highly toxic. Lead causes respiratory problems in children and cognitive delay, resulting in learning difficulties later down the road. Lead is a well-known VOC that was banned in 1978.

Today, U.S. paints have minimal to zero VOC. When creating your sustainable nursery, focus on water-based paint, as they’re VOC-free and easy to clean. Give the gift of sustainability to your infant with environmentally-friendly furniture and paint.

Buy Natural Furniture From Simply Nursery

Buying naturally-made furniture is the best thing to do for your infant. Not only does it last for years, but it also converts. The cribs we sell convert into a toddler and twin bed that adapt quickly. Speaking of adaptability, our nursery side tables are another thing to buy that adapt to any room, and it’s a nice thing to give to your children when they start their family.

Give your infant the best sustainable bedroom with Simply Nursery. Our furniture production team focuses on using proper safety protocols to protect your infant. This process includes using wood from renewable Brazilian forests and not using chemicals with volatile compounds. At Simply Nursery, you’ll find all you need to create a sustainable bedroom for your baby.

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