How Many Newborn Clothes Should You Keep On Hand?

New parents might not know how many clothes they need for their newborn. Starting off, you want to try to avoid overindulging at the sales rack—it’s tempting, but it’s for the best. So let’s find out how many newborn clothes to keep on hand before the baby arrives.

General Clothes

There are countless lists naming every baby clothing item to buy, but not enough that specifically tell you the right number to purchase. As a new parent, you don’t want to buy too much or too little, so we have curated a list of general and seasonal newborn clothing items to buy, and how many of each.

As you buy clothes, remember that you may have limited space. Having an organization system in mind, as well as a nursery chest of drawers, can help.


We recommend having at least seven short- or long-sleeved bodysuits—also called onesies—on hand as you’ll likely use them daily. Bodysuits are versatile outfits that are great for layering during the winter and wearing on their own in the spring and summer. They also work well for both day and night wear, so stock up!

Sleep Sacks

A sleep sack is ideal for newborns as it keeps them warm and gives the sensation of being back in the womb. Get at least four, as an infant can wear them multiple times—plus, they look like a little burrito all snuggled in their sack.

Fall & Winter Clothes

If you’re expecting a fall or winter baby, we suggest keeping the following number of newborn clothing items on hand for safekeeping as the weather gets colder.


Having at least two pairs of sturdy booties on hand can serve you well, as they’re prone to getting dirty quickly.

Leggings or Pants

Footed leggings are especially recommended because they’ll help keep your baby’s toes warm and eliminate the need for socks. If you decide to choose pants, we suggest having two or three pairs on hand.

Spring & Summer Clothes

Of course, you’ll need lighter clothing for the spring and summer months to help keep your baby cool and comfortable. If you’re expecting a warmer-weather baby, take a look at our recommendations below.

Sun Hat

It’s good to have one or two sunhats on hand to provide shade on sunny days, even when the weather is cool.


Four pairs of breathable shorts are also good to have to help keep your baby calm as the weather warms.

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