How to Choose a Baby Crib

Deciding on what crib to buy involves a lot of thinking and research, since such choice influences the child’s sleep, as well as their autonomy and development.

With such variety of models and brands, parents get easily overwhelmed and run the risk of buying nursery furniture based only on size and appearance. Then, considering more than just decoration is essential.

Since the baby will spend lots of time on the crib – mostly unsupervised – check out what to be attentive to when making this big decision:



Quality and materials of a piece of furniture should be among the top priorities. There are models made out of different ones, each having their pros and cons.

Some important things to bear in mind, regarding what the furniture is made of, are: toxicity, resistance, risks to the child’s safety and durability.

Opting for nontoxic, safe and easy to clean materials is ideal. Solid-wood cribs, like Simply Nursery ones, are definitely a go-to, since they have these very characteristics.



Despite not being the only thing to be considered, the visual appearance of the furniture is undoubtedly important.

It should match the decoration of your nursery, which includes the colors, decorative pieces, and other furniture items. Talking about colors, they should be neutral, creating a peaceful and inviting environment for the little one.

Besides, having timeless looking pieces will ensure that you can pass them on to other kids - even other generations - and they will still bring that fresh and clean look we all look for in a nursery.



Investing on a crib that will last only a bit over the kid’s first year of life doesn’t seem very reasonable. Therefore, buying one that can be converted into a daybed or toddler bed is a great way to keep the furniture, adapting it as the little one grows.

On Simply Nursery, all crib models have matching conversion kits that are easily installed in place of some of the original crib parts, which ensures the best possible usage of our products.



Without a doubt, every parent worries about the safety of their so beloved child. So imagine the crib as the baby’s new womb, where they must be safe, welcomed and sheltered.

Looking up the manufacturer’s reputation, stability and resistance of the piece are of prime importance. The stain used on the finishing of the crib should also be nontoxic.

Our company understands that very well and strictly follows all safety regulations defined by ASTM International and U.S. CPSC Safety Standards.


Sustainability and the Environment

Do you ever wonder where the wood of your furniture comes from? Since parents care about the child when choosing a crib, why not caring about the environment too? Our choices and purchases directly influence the world where our children grow up and will live in.

The wood used on Simply Nursery’s furniture comes from our reforestation in the South of Brazil. Therefore, you can purchase our items and still be eco-friendly.



In the end, making important decisions while waiting for a baby may seem like a lot, but keep the previous ideas in mind and it should be easier to choose the right crib and possibly other pieces of furniture for your nursery, hopefully a place filled with love, care and peace, where Simply Nursery is happy to serve you and your family.

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