How to Choose the Perfect Baby Crib

Tips by Architect Thais Silva – Luisa’s Mom.


We already know the crib is the star of the nursery! But how do you choose the perfect one?

You found out about the pregnancy and soon after, along with the curiosity to know the baby’s gender and anxiety to put up the nursery, comes the question: what crib to choose?

There are so many options available on the market that we may feel lost – especially if you are a first time mom!



Convertible, Crib and Changer Combo, Mini, Bassinet, Portable… So many options! After some projects, I found out that there is a perfect crib for every family and I will help you choose yours.

"There is a perfect crib for every family and I will help you choose yours"


Before anything else, you have to measure the space – be it the nursery or a corner in the parents’ room. Remember you need to be able to easily access the crib at different times – newborns have short sleep cycles and having free space around the crib is important for their safety and yours (just imagine bumping into some furniture while holding the baby or tripping when walking to the crib. It’s better to think of all details beforehand). Once you measure the space and define where the crib will be, it will be easier to make a more assertive decision.


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Then, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each model.

Full-size Cribs are probably the most popular, for mattresses measuring 52” x 28” (the crib itself is always a bit larger, it’s very comfortable for the baby, but not so versatile if the full-size is the only assembly option.


A Transitional Crib and Changer combo is great when for compact spaces since it gathers different functions in one furniture piece: crib, dresser, changing table and trundle bed.



For some moms, having the baby always around is a must, so a Cradle or Mini Crib are perfect – the disadvantage here is that the usage time is short (these pieces are for babies no older than 6 months old).

There is still the Montessori Crib/ Bed, which sits directly on the floor and may or may not have side rails. This model is largely used to promote autonomy since the first months of life, since being close to the floor allows the baby to get in and out of the crib easily as soon as they star crawling. Great for the baby’s freedom, but terrible for the mom’s back: Imagine having to grab the baby from such a small height multiple times a day?

Last but not least, the Convertible Cribs. The idea is that the crib changes as the baby grows, so there are different  assemblies that go from mini crib up until the Montessori bed. They are usually, and understandably, not as cheap as simpler cribs, but will stay with your child through their early childhood, becoming a sustainable option with great cost-benefit.

 "Convetible Cribs (...) a sustainable option with great cost-benefit"

From self-experience – speaking as a mom and not only an architect – the most important thing to consider when choosing a baby crib is: how do I use my home today (being pregnant) and how will I probably use it after the baby is born? I asked myself this question and concluded that my go-to would be a convertible crib.

"How do I use my home today (being pregnant) and how will I probably use it after the baby is born?"



Now my daughter is 10 months old and I’m sure I made the right choice! Until she was 4 months old, I used the crib as mini with wheels and moved it around the house when needed – from the bedroom to the living room, from there to the kitchen and to the bedroom again.

"Now my daughter is 10 months old and I’m sure I made the right choice!"


 So, when she didn’t fit in the mini crib anymore, we assembled it as full crib and have been using it ever since. Our Crib is Samba with Spindles. Now as she grows, we will keep lowering the mattress support to ensure her safety and comfort – this crib has 3 mattress support heights.



When she starts trying to climb out of the crib, we’ll easily convert it to toddler bed, which will guarantee her autonomy  and allow us to keep the same crib until she is about 5 years old.



So, moms, have I made your choice easier? I hope so! If you still have any questions, comment below ou send us a message so we can help you decide!

Lots of love from Luisa’s mom :)



Thais Silva is an architect and has been working in the area for over 6 years. In 2023, she became a mother and can now have even more knowledge, empathy and tenderness in each of her projects of nurseries and kids’ rooms.

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