How To Choose the Right Paint Color for a Nursery

How To Choose the Right Paint Color for a Nursery

Buying furniture for a nursery comes off as easy but decorating it with paint is another area that's difficult to figure out. So, even when we dive into a new world where a room’s paint color doesn't seem as important as the equipment inside, we need to take a step back and get an opinion on choosing the right paint color. Here's how to choose the right paint color for a nursery from a psychological perspective.

What Does Psychology Have To Do With Paint Color?

Every color on the color wheel affects the mind and body. Therefore, psychology plays a pivotal role in how we select a nursery's paint color. Here's a quick rundown on how to choose the right paint color for a nursery when looking at it from a psychological perspective.

Choosing Warm Colors

It’s simple—warm colors evoke joy, peace, and comfort. From the boldest shade of red to yellow, these colors can help nurture your child's growth and promote an energized environment. However, you want to steer clear of colors that are too bright and stick with the hues found in the middle of the color chart.

Rocking Out in Red

Red is a rich color filled with vibrancy and one that can elicit warmth and joy. It even increases respiration and blood pressure. However, some studies have found that red may not be the right color for some spaces, as it can cause an inability to focus and negatively impact academic performance.

Pretty in Pink

A color universally loved by girls of all ages can soon turn into a fad. Although pink is a color that promotes a calming atmosphere, it can enable anxiety. If you want to mix it up, try mixing pink with a calm tone, like violet.

Choosing Cool Colors

While choosing the best baby room furniture sets, you might be inspired to choose a color based on a specific location. Even though cool colors seem especially calming when you want to retire at the end of the night, it's a good idea to use these tones in moderation to avoid making the room feel gloomy.

Better in Blue

Blue is a gorgeous color, as it calms the mind before drifting off to dreamland. As your child grows, they'll learn how to manage their minds when in a blue environment.

Going Green

Green is the color for nature lovers and the right one for a nursery, as it promotes a calming environment and makes the room feel natural.

Trust Your Process

One last thing to do is trust your process. Your child can grow to love any color you choose, despite the hue’s negative connotations. Our brains develop different ways to view and feel about colors.

As you get into setting up the perfect nursery, it's time to consider how you set up the furniture. Simply Nursery provides naturally-made wooden cribs that are eco-friendly and match any nursery style. Get the right type for your little one, and find a style that fits the nursery's color.

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