How to Create a Great Twin Nursery

How to Create a Great Twin Nursery

While being blessed with twins is a miracle that few first-time parents get to experience, it also leaves them needing to do double the preparation for their arrival. This involves not only putting together a nursery in your home, but putting together one that can accommodate two quickly growing children. Unlike parents of single newborns, parents of twins are slightly limited to what they can do with their nurseries due to an overall lack of space. But even so, you can still learn how to create a great twin nursery with the resources you have at your disposal.

Fight the Urge to Double Up

Upon getting the news that you’re having twins, you might get the urge to immediately head out and buy a second baby nursery set. However, it’s important to remember that while you’ll need more of some things, others can be shared between your children. Simply getting two of everything will both break your budget and leave you with even less room in the nursery to arrange it all. In fact, one of the only things you’ll need to get a second of is a crib and bedding.

Arrange Furniture Carefully

Since you’re already pressed for space, it’s crucial that you carefully consider the arrangement of your nursery furniture to make it as accommodating as possible. Otherwise, you could end up in a position where certain things are more difficult to access when you need them. Crib placement is particularly important, as it will contribute to how your twins interact with one another when you aren’t in the room. It’s often recommended that you keep them near one another without directly touching to limit the amount of trouble they could get into when they’re older.

Keep the Design Simple

The more complex your nursery’s design, the more space that gets taken up with décor. When you have twins, you often need to sacrifice some of these items for additional storage space and increased organizational opportunities. Otherwise, you can find yourself overrun by their collective belongings by the time they’re one year old. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with your nursery design—just try to keep it simple.

Pick Cribs That Convert into Beds

The expression that babies grow like weeds is truer than many first-time parents realize. Before you realize it, your twins will have already outgrown their cribs and begin sleeping in beds. Fortunately, convertible cribs are a great way to make this transition without costing you extra money and time. Instead of building and lugging around new furniture pieces, all you need to do is convert the cribs into beds according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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