How To Create a Safe Nursery

How To Create a Safe Nursery

Creating a safe space for your new bundle of joy is key to a safer nursery. While you await the arrival of your baby, here are some things to know when figuring out how to create a safe nursery that gives you peace of mind and a happy, healthy baby.

Select a Durable Crib

Not every crib is perfect, but the best ones are safe and durable. Anyone can say a crib is safe, but you are putting safety first when purchasing modern baby furniture. The best type of crib, including other non-toxic nursery furniture, comes from a company that aims to provide protection over style. This is where we, Simply Nursery, come in. We provide furniture that is non-toxic and better for the environment to help you ease the worry of not have a safe nursery. Before you buy from us or anywhere else, always check that the crib is sturdy and can even grow with your child to help save you money.

Set Up a Safe Environment

When setting up the right environment for a nursery, you want to avoid using any small decoration pieces because of potential choking hazards. One way to prevent having an unsafe nursery is to cover outlets with plastic inserts to prevent your little one from harming themself. If you have curtains for your windows, purchase cordless ones that you can push up and down. These types of blinds are reasonably priced and will last a long time.

Also, make sure your window has a latch, and even though the view from the nursery window is fantastic, it’s better to keep the crib away from the window to prevent any accidents. Get lighting that will brighten the space so that you are not bumping into items. For ventilation, invest in a good air filter to get rid of any toxic chemicals.

Make Sure the Furniture Is Secured

Another tip for how to create a safe nursery is to make sure that your baby’s furniture is secured correctly. Once the crawling and walking begin with your little one, they’ll get curious and crawl under or over spaces that can lead to accidents. For better babyproofing of the nursery, don’t leave a TV unattended. If anything, leave it in another room and make sure it’s out of reach. You can secure it and any baby furniture to the wall to avoid any accidents.

Now that you have a few tips to keep in mind for your baby’s nursery, make sure you also enjoy those first few years of your baby’s life. Every nursery is different, so ease into your routine and ensure you make your nursery safe.

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